Unit/ Topic:        Prepositions                 ENGLISH   4             
Student Learning Outcome
  • Demonstrate use of some words showing position, time and movement.
Information for Teachers
  • Prepositions tell the position of a noun.
  • For example (on, in, out, behind, under)
The book is on the table.
The book is in the bag.
The book is behind the bag.
The cat is under the table.
Preposition here is telling the position of the noun “book”




On, in, under


In, on, at


To, from, into


From, to


Duration/ 2 periods:
Material/Resources Required:  
Black board, chalk, chart paper to draw the tables on it, if easily available otherwise draw the tables on the board.
Activity 1
Ask the students where do they keep their books bag, towel, comb, shoes, clothes, etc
  • Record their responses on the board tell them the word ‘on’, ‘in’ are prepositions.
  • Draw the diagram (given in teacher’s help) on the board.  Explain to the students that prepositions are of four kinds: position, time, direction and movement.
  • Write the following examples on the board:
    1. The cat is sitting on the table.(“on” is a preposition of place, which tells the position of the cat)
    2. I bought it in March.(“in” is the preposition of time that is March)
    3. My friend is coming from Lahore. (“from” is the preposition of direction)
    4. The cat is jumping into water. (“into” is the preposition of movement)
To further explain the kinds of prepositions,  create the similar examples with the help of the students and note their responses on the board.
Activity 1
 Make the following charts on the board. .
Ask the students at random to provide examples for each preposition, They must then use any two prepositions in their sentences. (The answers are highlighted in the clomn of examples.)
Preposition of Time
▪ On
days of the week
On Monday
§  ▪ in                   
§  months / seasons
§  time of day
§  year
In August/ in winter
In the morning
In 2009
§  ▪ at
§  for night
§  for weekend
§  a certain point of time (when?)
At night
At the weekend
At 7’ o” clock
Activity 2
Prepositions – Place Position

§  in
§  at
§  on

§  room, building, street, town, country, car, taxi
§  meaning next to, by an object
§  for table
§  for events
§  place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study, work)
§  attached
§  being on a surface
§  for a floor in a house

In the kitchen, in
            In the car, in a taxi
At the door, at the station
At the table
At a concert, at the party
At the cinema, at school
At work
The picture on the wall
On the table
On the first floor

Use the above mentioned prepositions of position in sentences with help of the students.
For example:
  1. I live in Pakistan.
  2. Somebody is at the door.
  3. Glass is on the table.Activity 3:
Prepositions of Movement.
Usage Example

§  To
§  into


§  movement to person or building
§  movement to a place or country
§  for bed
§  enter a room / a building

Go to the cinema
Go to London/ Ireland
Go to bed
Go into the kitchen/ the house

Ask them to work in groups of four and use each prepopition of movement in a simple sentence teacher can help the students where they need it.
Activity 4
Preposition of Direction

§  from
§  To

§  coming
§  room, street, town, country etc
 room, street, town, country etc

From the room, from Lahore, from school
To the room, to Lahore, to school

Examples: Ali is coming from Lahore tonight.
            I will come back from the school in the afternoon.
Example ‘To’: Sabah is going to Islamabad today.
            He is going to school.
Conclusion / Sum up
Briefly discuss the prepositions of movement and direction.
Give themany five sentences based on the examples above.   Ask them to underline the preposition and then write in front of the sentence whether the preposition is of time, place, direction or movement.
Follow Up
Any related activity from the textbook should be given as a follow up.
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