Lesson Plan of Prepositions

English Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Demonstrate the use of some words showing position, time and movement

Information for Teachers

·         A noun is a part of speech that denotes a person, animal, place, thing, or idea.
·         Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and some other word or element in the rest of the sentence.
·         Prepositions are short words that usually stand in front of nouns.
·         Prepositions show the relationship between a noun and other word or elements in the sentence.
·         Preposition tells the position of a noun.
(Examples: on, in, out, behind, under)
Ø  The book is on the table.
Ø  The book is in the bag.
Ø  The book is behind the bag.
Ø  The cat is under the table.
Preposition here is telling the position of the noun “book”
·         There are three kinds of preposition:
v  Place of preposition like on, in, under etc.
v  Time of preposition like in, on, at etc.
v  Direction of preposition like to, from, into etc.
·         Prepositions of Time: at, on, and in:
v  We use at for the exact time on the clock. For example: the train is due at 12:15 p.m.
v  We use on for days and dates. For example: My brother is coming on Monday. We‘re having a party on the 4th of May.
v  We use in for nonspecific times during a day, a month, a season, or a year i.e.  When we don’t know the exact time. For example: She likes to walk in the morning. It is too cold in winter.
·         Preposition of movement/direction: to, from and into. Movement/direction to person or building. For example: go to Pakistan.
·         “From…” is used to refer to the beginning and end of an activity or event. For example: “The weather was stormy from Wednesday to Friday”.
·         “Into” is used to enter a room / a building. For example: I go into the kitchen. I entered into the house.

Material / Resources

Board, chalk/marker, chart paper to draw the tables on it; if easily available otherwise draw the tables on the board

Worm up activity

·         Ask the students about prepositions as they have already read about prepositions of position in the previous class.
·         Note the responses of the students on the board.
·         Remind them how important prepositions are.


Activity 1

·       Propulsion of Time:
·         Show them the following chart for the understanding of prepositions of time.
·         Ask to them to copy the given table in their notebooks.
·         Dates, days of the week
·         On 14th August, on Monday
·         Month/seasons
·         Time of day
·         Year
·         In August/in winter
·         In the morning
·         In 2016
·         For night/noon
·         For weekend
·         A certain point of time (when?)
·         At night
·         At the weekend
·         At 7 o’ clock
·         Show the students to the following chart for the understanding of prepositions of place.
·         Ask to the students to copy the given table in their notebooks.
·        Prepositions- place position:
·         Room, building, street, town, country, car, taxi
·         In the kitchen,
·         In Pakistan
·         In the car
·         In a taxi
·         Meaning next to, by on object
·         For table
·         For events
·         Place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study work)
·         At the door
·         At the station
·         At the table
·         At a concert
·         At the party
·         At the cinema
·         At school
·         At work
·         Attached
·         Being on surface
·         For a floor in a house.
·         On the wall
·         On the table
·         On the first floor

·        Preposition of movement:

·        Show the students the following chart and explain to them the prepositions of movement.
·         Movement to person or building
·         Movement to a place or country
·         For bed
·         Go to the cinema
·         Go to Pakistan
·         Go to bed
·         Enter a room/a building
·         Go into the kitchen/the house
·         In the sense of where from
·         A flower from the garden
·         Ask to the students to work in groups of four students each and use each preposition of movement in a simple sentence.
·         Ask the students to write only three sentences in their notebooks after discussing with their group fellows.
·         Help the students where they need it.

Activity 4

·         Make the students do the exercises and activities given in the textbook related to this topic.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask the students the use of prepositions of time, movement and position.
·         Write these sentences on board and ask them to add prepositions.
v  The food is _______the fridge.
v  The keys are ______top of the fridge.
v  He will visit us _____noon.
v  The teacher wrote ____the board.


·         Give the students the following sentences and ask them to underline the preposition.
v  Aiman was born in December.
v  She is sitting on the floor.
v  Ayesha is knocking at the door.
v  I am going to bazar.

Follow up

·         Ask the students to revise and learn the three tables given above.

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