Prepositions (Since, For)

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Illustrate use of since and for.

Information for Teacher

·         Prepositions are words or group of words that illustrate the relationship among noun or pronoun and new word in the sentence.
·         Preposition tells the position of a noun.
·         Preposition of Time( Since , for):
·         We use for when measure time (Second, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months and Years). such as :
1.       Ali and Umar have been living in same home for several years.
2.       I am going away for the weekend.
3.       I have known Ayesha for ten years.
4.       I have been Hungary for hours.
5.       She’s had a cold for a week.
·         We use since with a specific date or time. such as:
1.        She is sitting in the waiting room since two-thirty.
2.       It has been raining since I arrived.
3.       I‘ve known Ali since 2013.
4.       I‘ve liked chocolate since my childhood.
5.       She’s been here since two PM.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Charts, marker, duster, textbook

Worm up Activity

·         Make the students recall the concepts of prepositions through brainstorming.
·         Tell them the difference between for and since.
·         Give them appropriate examples for each of the preposition.

Activity 1

·         Write the following sentences on the board with blank option.
·         ask the students to fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions of time (since, for)
1.       It has been raining ______ morning.
2.       We have worked here _______ 10 years.
3.       They rehearsed for the concert _______ a week.
4.     We  have been planning this trip __________ January.
·         Give them 5 minutes for this activity and then write the answers on the board.
·         Ask the students to check their own work.
Answer key:
1.        Since,        2. For,       3. for, since

Activity 2

·         Ask the students about the daily activities they used to do in the school. (Playing, reading, writing, chatting etc.)
·         Ask them to make 5 sentences each from the prepositions ‘for’ and ‘since’ by keeping in mind the school situation. (Playing since, chatting for, etc.)
·         Ask the students to exchange their notebooks with their classmates for checking.
Sum up / Conclusion
·         Conclude the lesson by repeating the concept of prepositions.
·         Again explain the difference between ‘for’ and ‘since’ which will help them to remember this difference.
·         At the end of the class, ask different students to come up and explain the concept of the prepositions, they just read.
Follow up
·         Ask the students to write some sentences using ‘since’ and ‘for’.


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