Lesson Plan of Present / Past Continuous Tense

Lesson Plan of Present and Past Continuous Tense

Subject English

Grade IV

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate the use of tenses (Simple Present and Past Continuous and simple future Tense) previously learnt in their speech and writing.

Information for Teachers

  • Present Continuous Tense is used for describing activities and for actions taking place at the time of speaking.

Subject    +    is/am/are   +    1st Form of the verb    +    ing+Object

Present Continuous Tense

         Past Continuous Tense is used to describe the action which was in progress sometime in the past.  Past Continuous Tense is also called past progressive tense.

Subject    +    was/were    +    1st Form of the verb    +    ing+ Object

Past Continuous Tense


  • You are washing clothes.
  • You dry your hands.
  • You dial a number.
  • You talk on the phone.
  • You write some information.
  • You put the phone down.
  • You wash your clothes again.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, charts, textbook


  • Write the following sentences on the board.
    • I am going to school.
    • She plays in the park.
    • He was eating a chocolate.
    • You give her present.
  • Now ask the students to identify the tense in each sentence. Briefly discuss present tense.

Activity 1

  • Ask a volunteer who is a good actor to come forward.
  • Tell the students that it is an activity in which he/she will be acting/expressing his/her thought without speaking.

Verb acting

  • Students acts out the situation given below without speaking.
  • The rest of the class has to tell what the actor is doing?
  • After every action ask students what the boy/girl is doing.


Activity 2

  • Give them the following sentences and ask them to supply present continuous.
    1. We ________ not ________ a book at the moment (read)
    2. My father ________ to the Police officer yesterday. (Talk)
    3. Ahmad and Ayesha ________ not _______ on the bus. (Ride)
    4. The boys’ _____________ in the lack / pond. (Swim)
    5. We ____________ table tennis right now. (Play)
    6. Ahmed ____________ on the computer last week. (Work)


Elicit the difference between Present Continuous and Past Continuous Tense.


         Write the following sentences on the board and ask the students to change them in present continuous tense.

    1. I watched a movie which was not interesting at all.
    2. Ali ran after the kitten to catch it.
    3. I get ready for school early in the morning.
    4. People laughed at the foolish behavior of Amir.
    5. Ahmed drives his father’s car without his permission.

Follow Up

  • Any related activities must be done from the text book.



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