Reading Strategies

                  Lesson Plan of Reading Strategies

                                    English Grade 3

                        Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Apply critical thinking to interact with text using intensive reading strategies(while reading) to:


                        Use common graphical features such as pictures and tables in text to increase understanding.


                        Use critical thinking to respond to the text (post –reading),


                        Apply world knowledge and own opinion to the text read,


                        Relate what is read to their own experience.

                                     Information for Teachers.

·        When pictures and tables are used with the text, they increase understanding and help students to relate the text with the diagrams available.

Reading Strategies

·       Select those pictures and text which are appropriate and relevant for the students. They should easily connect the text and the pictures.


·        Combine this lesson with content/text from other subjects especially social studies. Non- fiction text can be used to develop this intensive reading strategy.


·       You can use a text with information given in a table from e.g. crops of Pakistan or climate of Pakistan or any other content.


·       While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where needed.

                                          Material / Resources

Text with pictures and tables (appendix), picture story book, chal/marker, board, textbook etc.


     Activity 1

·        Take the picture story book from the library if available or see the sample story.


·       You have the picture story book with you that you used in the previous lesson.


·       Divide the class in different groups depending on the number of story books you have.


·       Now ask each group to read the story book with the pictures.


·       After they are done, ask one student from each group to come up and explain the story only through pictures.


·       The student needs to show the pictures to the class and explain what is going on.


·       You should add details which are missing,


·       This will help the class to understand the importance of pictures with the text and also give confidence to the students.( see worksheet- 1,2)

                                                Sum Up / conclusion

·        You have the text including a picture with it. Ask students to relate the text with picture. Don’t show them the text and ask them what they can depict from this.


·      Involve the students in solving problems given in exercise at the end of unit/chapter.

                                                      Follow Up

·        Tell the students to read picture story books at home.



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