Lesson Plan of Respiration in Plants

Lesson Plan of Respiration in Plants

General Science Grade VI

Students’ Learning Outcome

·         Explain the importance and process of respiration in plants

Information for Teachers

·         Like all other organisms, plants require oxygen for getting energy from food
·         They also require to release extra carbon dioxide from their bodies
·         During day time plants utilize the carbon dioxide (produced during respiration) in photosynthesis and for respiration, they utilize the oxygen produce during photosynthesis
Respiration in Plants
·         Plants don’t have specialized breathing mechanism for gaseous exchange like animals

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Germinating seeds, flask, thermometer, stand

Worm up activity

·         Ask the following questions to the class.
o   What do you need to grow?
(Expected response: food and energy)
o   From where do you get this energy?
(Expected response: by the breakdown of food)
o   Do you know the name of the process involved in getting energy from food?
(Expected response: respiration)
·         Now introduce the today’s topic to the students.


Activity 1

·         Ask the questions:
o   How the chemical energy stored in food molecules is made available for life process?
(Expected response: by chemical reaction)
o   Inform the students that these chemical reactions are collectively called respiration.
o   Link the above discussion by explaining the process of respiration in terms of a simple equation.
o   Draw this equation on the board:
                                     Carbon dioxide
Oxygen + Glucose                                          Energy
       Raw Materials                                    Products

Activity 2

·         Set the apparatus as shown in diagram and draw this diagram on the board to explain that this experiment is used to investigate the release of energy (heat) during respiration
·         Now conclude this activity by asking the following questions
o   Why germinating seeds are used in this experiment?
(Expected response: in germinating seeds the process of respiration is going on)
o   What will be the change in the reading of the thermometer after the experiment?
(Expected response: an increase in the reading of the thermometer)
o   How does the measurement of thermometer indicate that the weeds have released energy?
(Expected response: in germinating seeds the process of respiration is going on. During the process of respiration the energy is released)
·         Ask about the importance of respiration and enlist the points on the board and ask the students to copy on their notebooks.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask the students, what we have learnt? Expected response will be: in the process of respiration plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide (CO2), and this process continues day and night.
·         During day time both process of photosynthesis and respiration are going on thus CO2 during respiration is used in photosynthesis and oxygen released during photosynthesis is used for respiration.


·         Draw the given table on the board
·         Ask the students to fill and copy on their notebooks
     Raw Materials

Follow up

·         Write the following questions on the board and ask them to copy and solve as home work on their notebook
o   In contrast to photosynthesis, why respiration in plants continues during day and night


o   What is the purpose of respiration?
o   What is the energy released in respiration used for?


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