Lesson Plan of Rhyming Words

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize, find out, create and use more rhyming words.

Information for Teachers

  • A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds in two or more words. It is modst often used in poetry and songs.

Rhyming Words

  • These words might not have similar endings spellings but the ending sounds are same e.g., me, see, tea, or grow, go, sew, know.

Rhyming Words

  • The selection of words is very important here.
  • Teacher must select easy and meaningful rhyming words.
  • This will actually help in increasing the students` vocabulary.
  • In the beginning, you must select three or four letter words which end with the sound “at” e.g. cat, mat, rat, fast, and hat, bat that, chat, and then move forward.

Rhyming Words


  • This plan should be conducted in two lessons.
  • In the first lesson they can do the activities related to recognizing and finding out the rhyming words.

Rhyming Words

  • While in the second lesson they can create and use rhyming words in sentences of their own.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use the textbook at all the steps where it is required.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, charts, textbook


  • Introduce the concept of rhyming words by reading a poem. Attached at the end of lesson.
  • Ask them to recall rhyming word from the poem.
  • Write them on the board.
  • Tell the students that the rhyming words can help them spell the words easily.
  • Write some words on the writing board.
  • Like COLD, FOLD. Tell them that these two words rhyme. But it is not always the case, such as; ‘see’ and ‘key’ have same sound but different spellings.


Activity 1

  • Allow the students to work in pairs. Give them the worksheet which you have created. Or write the list of words on the board.
  • Ask the students to: match the rhyming words by drawing a line from word in column A with the word in column B.
  • Appreciate the pair of students that complete he task first.

Rhyming WordsRhyming Words

Activity 2

  • Make two columns on the board like this:

Rhyming Words

  • Ask the students to work in pairs and make as many rhyming words as they can by using ‘at’ and ‘an’ words.
  • Tell them that the pair which completes the work first will win.
  • Appreciate the pair which completes the work first.
  • Also encourage other pairs, so that they are also encouraged to make new words.
  • Once they have done ask them to make use one pair of rhyming words in a sentence of their own.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the class:
  • What are rhyme words?
  • Where are they used the most?

Rhyming Words

  • Tell the class that it is really important when they are reading poems.
  • They can see rhyming words at the end of each verse of most of the poems.
  • These words are also important because they help you in spelling same sound words.
  • Find the exercise related to the topic in the textbook. Students must do this exercise in their notebook or on the textbook


  • Ask the students to write 5 sentences using the rhyming words as home assignment.
  • Tell them to read the already read text from the textbook and try to find out five pairs of words that rhyme together.

Rhyming Words

Follow up

  • Write some words on the board.
  • Ask the class to make the words that rhyme with these;

Rhyming WordsRhyming Words

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