Lesson Plan of Role Plays

Lesson Plan of Role Plays

English Grade V

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Express understanding of story through role play.

Information for Teachers

·         In role play students act out roles according to the events of the story.
·         Role play requires use of gestures, actions, expressions and tone of voice to show how different characters are feeling, what they are thinking and what they are doing.
Role Plays
·         Role play allows students to perform in front of the class and this participation increases their confidence.
·         You must select a story which can be easily performed by the students and is easily understandable.
·         You must model for them to show them how to do a role play and to help them overcome their shyness. If you are she to act, the students will remain she too.
Role Plays
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Chalk/marker, colored chalk, board, textbook

Worm up activity

·         Ask students if they are pretend to be someone else, or if anyone can act like someone else. If not, then go on to the next step.
Role Plays
·         Practice a few voices before you go to class. Now show them how you can say the same sentence in different ways, as if you are playing different roles.
·         Ask them to guess whose voice you are producing.
·         Say this sentence: “I am lost. Can you help me?”, in the voice of a worried child.
·         Then say it in the voice of a young woman if you are a man if you are female teacher.
·         Point out to students that in role play we pretend to be someone else.
·         Tell the students that gestures and postures are really important in their lives. Explain them the concept of a gestures and postures and how they can out as different characters in a story.
·         Tell them that they have to show through their gestures, actions and tone of a voice how different characters are feeling, what they are thinking and what they are doing.
Role Plays


Activity 1

·         Ask them to open the story of ‘The Hare with many friends’ which they have already done.
Sample story:
                       The Hare with Many Friends
Role Plays
A hare was very popular with other animals in the jungle who all claimed to be her friends. One day, she heard the hounds approaching her and hoped to escape them by the aid of her friends.so she went to the horse, and asked him to carry her away from the hounds on his back. But he declined, stating that he had important work to do for his master.  “I feel sure”, he said, “that all her other friends would come to her assistance”. She then went to the bull, and hoped that he would repel the hounds with his horns. The bull replied: “I am very sorry, but I have an appointment with a lady: but I feel sure that our friend the goat will do what you want”, the goat however feared that his back might do her some harm if he took her upon it.
The ram, he felt sure was the proper friend to ask for help. So she went to the ram and told him the case. So he went to the ram and told him the case. The ram replied:” Another time, my dear friend. I don’t like to interfere on the present occasion as hounds have been known to eat sheep as well as. “The Hare been known to eat sheep as well as hares”. The hare then replied as a last hope, to the calf, who regretted that he was unable to help her as he did not like to take the responsibility upon himself as so many older persons that he had declined the task. By this time the hounds were quite near and the hare took to her heels and luckily escaped. 
Moral of the story:
                               He who has many friends has no friends.
·         Now ask one student to start retelling the story. Ask them to tell it as Chain story. i.e. each students says one sentence and then the next student carries on from there.
·         Add in key details or information where the students fail to provide it.
·         Tell the students that they have to perform a role play. Ask the students to volunteer for roles. Allow students to think about how they are going to perform the actions. Let those rehears for 10 mints.
·         Ask them to write the animal’s name on the paper and pin that paper on their chest.
·         Don’t interfere in the role play because this will break their tempo. Encourage students to be creative and add details without changing the story.
·         When they are done, ask the class to appreciate them by clapping.
·         Ask the next group to do their role play.
·         This will improve the confidence and it will encourage the other students to do this.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Conclude the lesson by telling the class that you can understand a story by just watching some students performing in front of you
·         They can see the dramas and movies on TV which is also a perfect example of role play.


·         Ask the class to retell the story and discuss what they have understood about the characters and actions from the role play.

Follow up

Ask the class to try to act out a role play at home. Give a chance to all of the students to perform a role play in front of a class(for different stories)


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