Sentence of a Paragraph

Lesson Plan of Sentence of a Paragraph

English Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes


·         Recognize that:
Ø  A simple paragraph comprises a group sentences that develop a single main idea.
Ø  The main idea of a paragraph is given in the topic sentence.
Ø  More sentences in the paragraph backing the topic sentence.
Ø  Use the above organizing principles of paragraph writing to write an effective and unified paragraph.

Information for Teachers

·         A paragraph is a group of sentences about one main idea. It can be short or long, but recommended that the paragraph is no longer than 10 lines.
·         paragraph is a sentence or group of sentences that backing one key idea
·         A paragraph is a chain of connected sentences emerging a central idea, called the topic sentence.
Sentence of a Paragraph
·         A topic sentence is the utmost main sentence in a paragraph. Occasionally denoted to as a concentration sentence, the subject sentence helps shape the paragraph by brief the information in the paragraph.
·         A unified paragraph must monitor the idea cited in the topic sentence and must not stray from it
·         Paragraph is a group of at least three sentences. 1. Topic sentence,   2. Supporting sentence, 3. Closing sentence.
·         An effective topic sentence showings the key idea of the paragraph, regulate the information that will track it.
·         All of the sentences in a single paragraph should be associated to a single leading idea.
·         To write a paragraph, first we write the topic sentence. Topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph with this we introduce the topic/main idea of the paragraph, then supporting sentence and at the end of sentence we used closing sentence.
·         Other sentences support the topic sentence with examples, arguments or more details.

Material / Resources

Chalk/marker, board, textbook, charts

Worm up activity

·         Write the following template on the board and ask the students to copy.
·        Paragraph writing
Ø  Topic: let me tell you about my best friend.
Ø  Supporting detail 1: She lives next door to me.
Ø  Supporting detail 2:Her name________. We always have fun together.
Ø  Supporting detail 3:Best of all, she’s on my cricket/badminton team.
Ø  Closing sentence:I think she is the greatest friend in the world.
·         Tell them that they are going to write a paragraph and explain how to write a topic sentence with the given examples.
·         Explain in detail about the supporting details and examples with the help of given template.


Activity 1

·         Ask the students to write the above mentioned heading/template in their notebooks.
·         Write about their ‘Best friend’ using the same grammatical structure.
·         Monitor students and correct them.
·         Ask couple of students to volunteer to read their paragraphs.

Activity 2

·         When the students are finished with modeling the paragraph, ask them what their favorite fruit is?
Ø  Where do they buy it from?
Ø  Why do they like eat fruit?
Ø  What does this fruit taste like?
Ø  Do they cut it or eat it whole?
Ø  Is it messy to eat, with juice dripping on their clothes?
·         Provide and discuss the following vocabulary words with the students. (sweet, sour, bland, round, oval, soft, hard, seeds, season, tasty, delicious, skin, peel, juicy, crunchy)
·         Ask the students to write about their ‘favorite fruit’ by using the following template.
Ø  Topic: What I know about___________.
ØSupporting detail 1: ____________________.
ØSupporting detail 2: _______________________.
ØSupporting detail 3: ___________________________.
Ø  Closing sentence:___________________________________.
·         Monitor and help the students while working.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Once the students are done with their work, ask them to exchange their work with their peers.
·         Check each other’s work for correct punctuation, capitalization and correct spellings and for using the given vocabulary words in sentences of their own.


·         Ask the students:
Ø  What is a topic sentence and what should be written in it?
Ø  What do we write after the topic sentence?
Ø  What do we write in the closing sentence?

Follow up

·         Ask the students to write a paragraph about plants.
·         Ask them to complete it in one day and bring it the next day. Check their work next day.

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