Lesson Plan of Silent Letter Words Starting with (‘wr and ‘kn’) English Grade 3

Students` Learning outcomes

·         Pronounce and spell simple words with silent letters such as ‘wr’ and ‘kn’ as in ‘write’ and ‘know’.

                     Information for Teachers

·         Reading with correct pronunciation is required.
·         Silent means the letter is added to the word but is soundless, or quiet.
·         Words starting with ‘wr’ are pronounced as ‘r’ where ‘w’ is silent e.g. in write, wrong, wrap, wrist.
·         Words starting with ‘kn’ are pronounced as ‘n’ where ‘k’ is silent e.g. in knee, kneel, knew, knif, knit, knot, knock.
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use the textbook where required.

                                          Material / Resources

                                                  Board, chalks, markers, textbook

    Worm Up Activity:

·         Ask the students to tell some words that start with the letters ‘r’,’n’,’w’,’k’.
( possible answers: rope, right, run, ran, rat, rose, nose, not, none, net, no.)
·         Appreciate the students by saying well done/ good/ very good for the words they tell.
·         Draw the diagram given below on the board. Fill it with words that students answer.
‘w’ words
‘r’ words
‘wr’ words
Watch, win, wow, water, wonderful, white, wife, wish, window
Rope, right, run, ran, rat, rose, rate, risk, row
Write, wrong, wrap, wrist
‘k’ words
‘n’ words
‘kn’ words
King, key, kitten,kite
Nose, not, none, net, no
Knee, kneei, knew, knife, knit, knot, knock
·         Ask the class to read the words written in ‘w’, ‘r’, ‘k’, and ‘n’ columns on the board aloud. You must correct if they read it wrong.
·         Ask the students to come to the board and add any word they want to add to the list of ‘w’, ‘r’, ‘k’ and ‘n’ words.

  Activity 2

·         Tell the students that many words start with ‘wr’ where ‘w’ sleeps and ‘r’ is awake. So it is pronounced as ‘r’ ( ‘w’ is silent), and there are many words which start with ‘kn’ where ‘k’ sleeps and ‘n’ is awake. So it is pronounced as ‘n’, ‘k’ is silent. Practise words with students.
·         Ask the students to copy the table in their notebooks.

   Activity 3

·         Ask the students to work in pairs. Each student must think of one extra word that start with ‘wr’ and one word that start with ‘kn’.
·         Ask the students to read aloud and learn the spellings of ‘wr’ words (first) and then ‘kn’ words written on the board.
·         Give hints to the students if they are unable to think of the words quickly, also correct the students if they read it wrongly.
                                      Sum Up / Conclusion
·         Recape that silent letters are the letters which are added to a word but are soundless or sleeping, for example, ‘w’ in write, wrong, wrap.
·          ask the students to add ‘kn’ or ‘wr’ to the following words:
                                           Follow Up
·         Ask the students to learn the spelling for dictation:   write, wrong, wrap, wrist, knee, knife, know, knock.

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