Lesson Plan of Simple Past Tense

Lesson Plan of Simple Past Tense

Subject English

Grade IV

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate the use of tenses, (Simple Present and Continuous, Simple Past and Continues and Simple Future Tense) previously learnt in their speech and writing.

Information for Teachers

  • Simple Past tense is used for completed actions.
  • Simple Past Tense also refers to action completed/occurred at a specific time for example at noon, yesterday, and last night.
  • Formation of simple past tense:

Simple Past Tense

  • Formation of Negative Sentences.

Simple Past Tense

  • Formation of Interrogative Sentences.

Simple Past Tense

  • In negative and interrogative sentence first form of verb is used instead of second form of the verb.

Material/ Resources Required:

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, charts


Activity 1

  • Ask students about “Simple Past Tense”
  • Write the responses of the students on the board.
  • Correct the students where required.
  • Tell them that an action is completed in the simple past tense.   The time phrases are also used for example, yesterday, two weeks ago, last week, last night, last month in order to express that the action was completed in the past.


    • ­    I bought a new red car last week.
    • ­    He sold his house last month.
    • ­They brought interesting gifts for us from America last year.
  • In all of the sentences mentioned above, the actions were completed in the past.


Activity 2

  • Tell the students how to change positive sentences into negative and interrogative sentence. (see information for teachers)
  • Draw the tables of formation of negative and interrogative sentences on the board.
  • Repeat that the infinitive (first) form of verb is used in both negative and interrogative sentences.


    • ­    He did not buy a house. (N)
    • ­    Did he buy a house? (I)
    • ­    He did not erase the statement. (N)
    • ­    Did he erase the statement? (I)
    • ­    Fakhir did not work with this company. (N)
    • ­    Did Fakhir works with this company? (I)
  • Create similar examples with the help of the students.

Activity 3

  • Divide the students into groups of four.
  • Ask them to discuss and then change a paragraph from the present tense into Simple Past Tense.
  • Note: (select a paragraph form the text book)


  • Discuss that the simple Past Sentence shows completion of any action, Stress on the verb use in the negative and interrogative sentences,


  • Give the students the following sentences and ask them to make their negative and interrogative sentences individually.
      1. He went to the market to buy fruit / bananas.
      2. I visited my grandparents yesterday.
      3. He enjoyed his birthday party.


  • Ask students to write in 4-5 lines about what they did yesterday.












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