Lesson Plan of Speed

General Science Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Define speed and give its relation with distance.

Information for Teachers

·         Speed involves two things: distance covered the duration of time.
·         Distance covered in unit time is called speed.
·         A fast speed objects covers a specified distance in less than a slow speed object.

                                                                Material / Resources

Two tennis balls, chalk, textbook

Worm up activity

Ask the students:
·         When you were walking in the street, a cyclist passed by you. Who is faster, you or the cyclist?
·         Then ask have you ever seen the speedometer of a motor bike or a car?
·         Inform them that the speedometers are used to measure the speed.
·         Inform the students: when you come to school, you cover some distance between your home and school. Then ask:
·         How do you cover this distance?
(Students’ response: on foot, on bicycle, car or bus). How long does it take you to cover this distance?
·         How can you cover this distance faster? By travailing on bicycle, car or on foot?
(Inform them: a fast speed object covers the specified distance in less time)


Activity 1

·         Ask two students to go from one end of the classroom to the other.
·         Ask one student to cover this distance by walking and the other by running.
·         Ask: who reached first? And why?
·         Draw their attention to the fact that the greater the speed of object the shorter is the time taken to cover a certain distance.

Activity 2

·         Mark two lines on the floor, one is the starting line and the other is the finishing line.
·         Place two tennis balls A and B side by side on the starting line.
·         Then ask a student to push both the balls towards the finishing line with the different forces.
·         After this demonstration, ask the students: which ball reached the finishing line earlier?
·         Which ball moved faster?
·         Draw out the conclusion that an object with greater speed covers a certain distance in shorter time.
·         Repeat the activity with different pairs of students.


Activity 3

·         Take your students to a playground.
·         Ask two students to start running in the same direction at the first clap and stop running at the second of clap.
·         Then ask: which student covered a longer distance in the same time?
·         Which student ran faster?
(Students’ response: A high speed object covers a longer distance in a certain time.

Sum up / conclusion

Ask the students: What we have learn t from today’s lesson? And write on the board the following conclusions from students’ answers.
·         The distance is measured by measuring length between the specific points.
·         A faster object covers a specified distance in less time than a slow speed object.
·         A faster object covers a longer distance in less time as compared to a slow one.


·         Teacher will show some pictures (or cut outs) as given below to the students and ask the following questions:
·         Look at the picture below, which item is the fastest and which is slowest?
·         In the block given below, put the number of suitable pictures.

Follow up

Discuss the speed of different things in everyday life with your class fellows and enlist them in order of decreasing speed of objects, 

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