Lesson Plan of Spelling

Lesson Plan of Spelling

English Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Spell some words studied in class both orally and in writing.

Information for Teachers

·         A structure of letters combining a word: the method in which a word is spelled.
·         The method in which words are spelled.
·         Spelling skills need recognition and understanding of syllable and basic phonics (sounds).
·         English letters join to form words in English language.
                                 English letters
Vowels (a, e, I, o, u)
Consonants (all sounds except vowel)
·         Remember: in English language words of vowels and consonants, not the letters.
·         Learn the spelling rules given in the textbook and make the students also learn and practice the rules.
·         Take dictation of all the new words learnt every day.

Material / Resources

Chalk marker, board, textbook, charts, a bag with stationary items or toys

Worm up activity

·         Bring a bag having a few stationery items and toys.
·         Tell the students that they will name it. Write its spelling on the board.
·         Show every object from the bag and help to pronounce and write it on the board.
·         Ask the students to name a few things from their classroom and spell them.
·         Tell them to write only five things in their notebooks.


Activity 1

·         Tell the students that they will play spelling game.

·         Write the following words on the board

·         Ask the students to note down these words in their notebooks.
(1.    C_ol,  2.  B_ow,   3. Gra_ _ y,  4. Sw_ _ t, 5.  Ma_or,  6. Br _ _ ze, 7. T_ian_le, 8. B_ig_tly, 9. To_ards,10.  S_ur_e,               11. Ne__ _ary,12.  Ble_ _ing.
Answers key:
1.       Cool, 2. Blow, 3. Grassy, 4. Sweet, 5. Major, 6. Breeze, 7. Triangle, 8. Brightly, 9. Towards, 10. Source, 11. Necessary, 12. Blessing.
·         You may use any other list of 15 words from their textbook and prepare fill in the blanks.
·         You can use 4 letter words if that will be easier for your students.
·         Ask the students to complete the words in pairs but first read the words for them. Repeat each word twice.
·         Monitor and help the students.
·         When they have finished the activity. Write the words with correct spellings on the board. 
·         Ask the students to correct their work and mark themselves.
·         Take rounds in class and ask the students about their sources.
·         Do the drill of spellings of the words given above.
·         Clap your hands twice while pronouncing grassy.
·         Clap your hands thrice while pronouncing tri/an/gle.
·         Tell the students to break up syllables to write correct spellings e.g. bless/ing.
·         Ask the students to read each word out aloud syllable=wise as you write them on the board. This will help them improve their spelling.

Activity 2

·         Ask the students to get ready for dictation.
·         Inform them that overwriting or erasers are not allowed.
·         Dictate the words at least twice to the students.
·         Ask the students to check the spellings individually.
·         Write the words on the board and ask the students to do the self-correction.
·         Ask the students to write the wrong or misspelled words three times in their notebooks with correct spellings.

Activity 3

·         Play Hangman activity on the board.
Ø  Think of a word. E.g. textbook
Ø  Make dashes according to the number of letters on the board i.e. _ _ _ _ _
Ø  Add one letter as clue for the students. _ _ _ _ _ b_  _ _
Ø  Make students guess the letters.
Ø  If the students guess it correctly, then write the letter on the correct dash.

Ø  If the students guess it wrong then you write the letter/s on one side of the board and make a step by step procedure of hanging a man.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask the students to spell a few words.
·         Ask the students to learn spelling of words given in the textbook of the previous lesson for dictation.


·         Assess the students through their dictation.
·         Ask the students to do corrections.
·         Take dictation regularly.

Follow up

·         Ask the students to find out five words from their books. This may be done after the next lesson.
·         Ask them to break up the words in small syllables to learn the spellings.
·         You can play hangman daily whenever you get time in the lessons. Encourage the students to play on their own to improve spellings. They can also play at home with their brothers and sisters.



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