Telescopes/Space Crafts/Spectroscopes

Lesson Plan of Telescopes, Space Crafts and Spectroscopes

General Science Grade VIII

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Identify new technologies used on earth that have developed as a result of the development of space technology.
·         Explain that how do astronauts survive and research in space.

Information for Teacher

·         Astronomers use telescopes to study objects in space.
·         Telescopes are the instruments that collect light from the sky and concentrate it for better observations.
·         Telescopes have two main kinds e.g.:
                                            I.            Optical
                                          II.            Non-optical
·         Hubble space telescope has photographed newborn stars emerging from dense gases and dust.
·         Hubble space telescope is an optical telescope launched by NASA in 1990 orbiting the Earth.
·         First space craft called space probes have been sent to space in 1960 to explore solar system.
·         Satellites are launched through rockets.
·         The radius of the orbit of Geo-stationary satellite is 42300 km.
·         Spectroscopes are the optical devices which produce or observe the spectrum of light.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Picture of astronaut, plastic wraps, newspaper, magnifying glass, blank paper, hand mirror, modeling clay, table lamp

Worm up activity


·         The teacher will show a picture of an astronaut. The picture shows different features of an astronaut as:-
·         After showing the picture teacher will ask some questions like.
Q1. Who is the person in a picture?
       (Expected response: an astronaut)
Q2. Why is he wearing this dress?
       (Expected response: to work or survive in the outer space)
 Q3. What is on the head of the astronaut?
      (Expected response: helmet with an Arial)
·         After asking the above questions teacher will tell the students that they are going to study about spacecraft and developments of space technology on Earth.


·         The students understand the working of the telescope, for this purpose teacher will perform the following activity from the students.

Activity 1

Making water drop lens:
o   Divide students in groups/pairs.
o   The teacher will give two 6×6cm, pieces of plastic wrap to each pair.
o   Students will place the plastic wrap over a new paper put a drop of water on each piece of plastic.
o   Students will note the shape of the drop.
o   Teacher will ask the students that what they observe the changes in the size of the news print(It will magnifies the newsprint image)

Activity 2

Observe an image through lens:
·         Students will use modeling clay to hold a lens (convex mirror) in this activity according to teacher’s instructions.
·        All the lights will be turned off only the light of lamp will be on.
·        A blank paper at the end will be placed as a screen, at which the image will be taken.
·        Adjust the position of the lens for demonstration.

Activity 3

Handmade Reflecting Telescope:
·         Instruct the students as:-
·         Use a makeup mirror, and a hand mirror, place the makeup mirror near the window so that the moon and stars can be reflected in it.
·         Hold a mirror so that he or she can see a reflection of the makeup mirror in the hand mirror that some other person use a magnifying lens to view the reflection in the hand mirror of the make up mirror.
·         Then observe this reflection of stars and moon through a magnifying glass.
·         The observation of this magnifying glass will be same as the working of some ordinary telescope.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         By doing the above activity teacher will give the concept that how telescope work and convex lens are used in them to locate the far away things. Then teacher will wind up the lesson and in the end she will tell about some uses of spectroscope as:-
                                         I.            It is used to observe the light spectra.
                                       II.            Light spectra consist of 7 primary colors.
                                     III.            Astronomers use spectroscopes to determine that what elements stars are made up of as well as what elements and molecules are present in the dust of space.
                                    IV.            Scientists also used it for the study of spectra of stars and galaxies.


·         Teacher will ask the following questions:
Q1. Why space rockets are used?
      (Expected response: To launch the satellites)
Q2. Describe the types of a telescope?
     (Expected response: it has two types such as 1.Optical, 2. Non-optical)
Q3. What is a light spectrum?
     (Expected response: It is made up of seven colors)

Follow up

·         Guide the students to solve the exercise problems given at the end of unit/chapter of the textbook.



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