Lesson Plan of Text as Model


Text as Model for own writing

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use the reading texts as model for their own writing.

Information for Teachers

  • Model texts guide students in understanding sentence structure, grammar use and punctuation use. Therefore model text should have grammar and other features such as theme and vocabulary, according to the level of the children.

Text as Model for Own writing

  • Revise pronouns, capitalization, punctuation and use of simple present tense for daily routines. They have learnt these concepts in previous classes or previous lesson.
  • When using a reading text for this purpose, make sure that these aspects are highlighted so that students can apply these in their own writing.
  • Repeat simple present tense in the class.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, textbook


  • Ask the students the following questions:
  1. How many family members do they have?
  2. What is their mother`s /father`s profession?
  • Ask them what more can they tell about their family?  E.g. routine, preferences, Etc.
  • Tell them that today they are going to read about Zara’s family. This will help them write about their own family.


Activity 1

  • Write the following text on the writing board or have photocopies or write on the writing board. Ask the students to read. (Copy the text but don`t underlines the words)

Zara’s Family

My name is Zahra. There are 5 members in my family: my parents, myself one sister one brother. My father is a doctor and goes daily to work in a hospital. He is about forty years old. He keeps good health because he exercises regularly. He likes to go for a morning walk. He offers his prayers five times a day.

My mother is an M A in English, she teaches in a college. She teaches us at home and helps us in doing our homework. Like my father, she prays five times a day.

She prepares our breakfast and lunch for school. She always advises us to do good things.

My brother Omer is nine years old. He is in class IV. He is very healthy and active. He gets up early in the morning to go to school. All his teachers like him

Zahra is my sister. She is seven years old. She is in class two at this time. She is fond of studies and has many friends. She is very punctual.

  • Once the students finish reading, ask those following questions to check their comprehension:
  1. How many family members are there in the story?
  2. What is the age of Zahra`s father?
  3.  What information is given about him?
  4. What does her mother do?
  5. What information is given about her?
  6. What are the names of Zahra`s brother and sister?
  7. What they do they do?

Activity 2

  • Tell the students that how the information is organized.
  • Ask students to notice the sentence structure. The underlined phrases can be used for their own writing.
  • Explain the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • Ask the students to write a similar text about their family using the same structure. Tell them that they can use the underlined words in their own writing.
  • Monitor and help the students while writing.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Conclude the lesson by telling the students that a model writing or text can help them in writing their own text. They just need to comprehend that text. They can write their own text with the help of the read text.
  • Ask the students:
  1. What information do we give when writing about our family members?
  2. How did the model paragraphs help them in writing their own paragraphs?


  • Ask the students to exchange and check each other`s work using the following checklist.
  • Ask them to write a second draft in the light of the feedback given by their peers.

Fried Check

Writing Checklist


Are basic words spelled correctly?


Is there a punctuation mark after each sentence?


Does everything make sense?


Is there a good topic sentence?


Is there a good closing sentence?


How many sentences were written?


Is the handwriting good?


Is the text divided into suitable paragraphs?




Correct use of pronouns


Grammar-subject verb agreement


  • Involve the students in solving problems given in exercise at the end of unit/chapter.


Follow up

  • Ask the students to write an essay on ‘My friend and his/her family’. Ask them to bring the essay in the next class. Check their essay in the next class and help them.

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