Lesson Plan of Time/Date/Caption

Lesson Plan of Time/Date/Caption

Subject English

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Locate specific simple information in a clock (by the hour) by looking at the position of the hands of the clock.
  • Write date and captions on page top.

Information for Teachers

  • While teaching time it is not important for young students to learn about a.m. (morning) and p.m. (evening) concept at this stage.


  • While teaching date, recap the concept of ordinal numbers and months of the year.
  • There are different formats used for writing date. Teach only the basic two i.e. (28-05-2022) and 28th May 2022.
  • Students should know how to spell months of the year and the short forms (e.g. January (Jan), February (Feb).
  • If your students are not at this stage then simply teach them to write the digit format of date (28-05-2022) till they have learnt the spelling and short form of months of the year.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, a large wall clock with bold numbers


  • Ask the students to tell the numbers 1-12.

Months of the year

  • Write the numbers on the writing board.
  • Ask the students to read the numbers aloud as a whole class activity.
  • Tell them that the 1st month of the year is January.
  • Write January in front of number one, e.g. 1- January.
  • In the same way write the rest of the months.
  • Remind them that they have done this in Grade 1.


Activity 1

  • Write the numbers 1-12 on the writing board.

Months of the year

  • Write on the board- “When is your birthday?”
  • Select one student to ask you the question. Give your answer, e.g. “My birthday is in June”.
  • Write ‘June’ on the board in front of number 6.
  • Ask another student the same question.
  • Write the answer, i.e. the name of the month on the board in front of the correct number.
  • Once that student has given the answer he/she asks another student and so on.
  • Write about 10 or 12 students` answers on the board.
  • Tell them that they have to say aloud the names of the months.

Activity 2

  • Tell the students to make two columns on a piece of paper. (You can also give them a worksheet.)
  • Tell them to write the title (Caption) ‘Month’ on column one and the title (Caption) ‘Names’ on column two.
  • Ask them to write the months of the year in column one.
  • Now ask the students ‘Whose birthday is in January in column two next to the correct month.
  • Repeat this activity until months are done.


Activity 3

  • Show a chart having the correct place of date and caption on top of the page. Img
  • Ask the students to copy date and caption on page top.
  • Ask the students to write date and caption on page top every day.
  • Teach them short form of months also for writing dates. 28-05-2022.

Activity 4

  • Bring a clock having minute and hour hands with you and show it to the students.
  • Tell the students that the small hand is called the ‘hour hand’. The bigger hand is called ‘minute hand’.
  • Tell them clearly that we read time by looking at the hour hand only.
  • Keep the minute hand on twelve during this activity.
  • Tell the students that the clock has numbers from 1 to 12. Ask them if they have heard people telling time: What time do they come to school and what time do they leave?
  • It is 1 o`clock when the hour hand is at 2. It is 3 o`clock when the hour hand is at 3, and so on.
  • Ask the students to tell the time while keeping the hour hand on different numbers from 1 to 12. Worksheet



Sum up / Conclusion

  • Conclude the lesson by asking them the following questions:
  • What should we remember before starting our work on our notebooks? (Write date and caption). Why is it important to write the date and caption? (answer may be vary because it tells us when we did that work and if we have missed any work because of being absent we can ask our friend to show the work done on that day)
  • Why is it important to know how to tell time? (answer may be vary)



  • Divide students into two teams.
  • Give each one 6 little chits of paper cut into circles, with numbers from 1-12 written around it. (like on a clock dial)
  • Each team will draw the hour hand and ask the other team to guess what the time is on their clock.
  • The team which asks the question should also know the correct answer for them to get points.
  • Each team will score points for giving the correct answer.
  • Warn the students that they should discuss with one another and only give one answer, they won`t be able to change their answer. workshhet-6

Follow up

  • Remind students to write the date and caption on top of the work page during periods other than English.
  • Write the date and topic on the board for them to copy.

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