Lesson Plan of Units of Time

Lesson Plan of Units of Time

Subject Mathematics

Grade III

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Read and write time from analog and digital clocks.

Information for Teachers

  • Analog clock usually indicates time using angles. It has a circular scale of 12 hours. it has three hands these are called hours, minutes and second`s hands.

Analog Clock

  • Digital clock displays a numeric representation of time. Two numeric display formats are commonly used on digital clock. These are: the 24-hours notation and the 12-hours notation with a.m. /p.m.

Digital Clock

  • The small hand (hour`s hand) of a clock completes two rounds in a day.
  • It completes one round in 12 hours and two rounds in 24 hours.

Units of Time

  • When the long hand is at 12, it shows the full hours shown by the short hand.
  • While teaching the lesson, also consult textbook where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, pointer/stick, digital clock, digital time pieces/watches, flash cards having pictures of digital clocks showing different times readings, textbook


Q1: Have you ever seen the digital watches?

Q2: in what types of clock, we use hands?

Units of Time

  • Show digital and analog clocks to the students and ask the time by reading of these.


Activity 1

  • Provide some digital time pieces/watches to different students and ask them one by one the same question as follows.

Units of Time

Q1: What is the time by your watch?

Q2: Ask them to change time and discuss with their friends.

Activity 2

  • Divide the students into two groups.
  • Provide each group with cards having pictures of digital time clocks showing different time readings.

Units of Time

  • Ask students to read and note the time shown by each clock on the flashcards.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • It is easy to read the time from a digital clock as compared to analog clock due to its numeric representation.


  • Ask students to write / convert given times into digital by showing clocks / watches. Such as;
      1. 3 o`clock
      2. Half past four
      • 8 past fifteen
      1. 7 o`clock

Follow up

  • Draw the analog clocks to show the following timing.
      • Time to take breakfast.
      • Time to play.
      • Time to watch T.V.
  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in the textbook.

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