Lesson Plan of Units of Time

Lesson Plan of Units of Time

Subject Mathematics

Grade III

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use a.m. and p.m. to record the time from 12-hour clock.

Information for Teachers

  • The hours between midnight and midday are a.m. hours and the hours between midday and midnight are p.m. hours.

Units of Time

  • Key terms: minutes, hours, seconds, after noon and midnight midday.
  • Paste following chart in the class for student`s reference.

Units of Time

  • While teaching the lesson, also consult textbook where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, point/stick, time clock, flash cards with pictures of clocks showing different time readings, textbook


  • Show a clock to the students and ask following questions:

Units of Time

  • What does the long hand of clock stands for?
  • What does the short hand of clock stands for?
  • What does the longest hand/fast moving of clock stands for?
  • Explain the method of how to note the time on a clock or watch.
  • Explain the use of am and pm for different time readings/writings.

Units of Time


Activity 1

  • Ask following questions from the students by changing time on clock.

1: What is the time when the short hand of a clock is at “1” and the long hand at “12”?

2: What symbol (from am or pm) will be used for the time reading of Q1 at the night?

Q.3: What symbol (am or pm) will be used for the time reading of Q1 at the night?

Activity 2

  • Divide the class into two groups.
  • Ask group one to write down the daily activities they perform during a.m. hours in the given table.

Units of Time

      • M. activities:
      • Say fajar prayer
      • Have a breakfast
      • Come to school.
      • Starting of first period in school.
      • Ask the second group to write down the activities during pm hours in the given table.
      • M. activities:
      • Time to return home from school.
      • Lunch time
      • Offer Zohar, Asar, Mughrab and Esha` prayers time.
      • Time to watch TV.
      • Dinner time.
      • Sleep time.

Units of Time

Sum up / Conclusion

  • To write down the a.m. or p.m., we have to observe the part of the day. If it is after midnight, then we write a.m. and if it is after midday, we write p.m. with the given time.

Units of Time


  • Write the time to take breakfast, lunch and dinner in appropriate cell.

Units of Time

  • Write the today`s time of Fajar prayers?
  • When have you slept at night? Write this time in am or pm.

Follow up

  • Note the timings of five prayers in the mosque of your locality and write it in your note book by using am and pm?
  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in the textbook.

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