Lesson Plan of Use of Has/Have

Lesson Plan of Use of Has/Have

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use has, have to show possession.

Information for Teachers

  • The verb to have is used in different ways in English. It is used as a main verb to indicate possession of objects, characteristics, relationships or other qualities.

Use of Has/Have

  1. Have:

      • ‘Have’ is used with the following pronouns and plural nouns. Img
      • I have a great English teacher.
      • We have a house.
      • You have big eyes.
      • Sana and Sara have their books.
  1. Has:

      • ‘Has’ is used with the third person singular. Img
      • He has two pencils.
      • She has long hair.
      • He has a toy car.
      • It is my cat/ it has four legs.
      • He has three books.
      • Salman has two sisters.
  1. Had:

      • ‘Had’ is past tense of has/have.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, flashcards, (Whenever possible, bring actual objects to the class instead of showing flashcards), bag, a book, pencil, pictures, chit papers


Use of Has/Have

  • Tell the students about the things you have, such as:
      • I have two eyes.
      • I have a bag.
      • I have a book.
      • I have a pencil.
      • I have long/short/brown/black hair.
      • Now ask them to tell about the things they have.
      • Tell them to share what they have with the whole class.
      • Briefly explain to them the use of ‘has’ and ‘have’.


Activity 1

  • Divide the class into pairs and ask them to tell one thing his/her friend has.

For example:

      • Ali has a pencil.
      • Ayesha has an eraser.
      • She has a beautiful ruler, etc.
      • Share the examples with the students and then ask them to do the same.

Activity 2

  • Explain the information for teachers’ into the students about the use of ‘has’ and ‘have’.
  • Divide the students into pairs.
  • Write the following on the board and ask the students to fill in the blanks with suitable words showing possession (has/have)
      • I __________________one bag.
      • You _______________a pencil.
      • She ________________two brothers.
      • He _________________a pet.
      • It ___________________four wheels.
      • They ________________four cars.
  • After they have completed the activity, the pair exchanges their notebooks for checking.
  • Once the pairs have checked, write the answers on the board.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the students the following questions:
      • What do they have in their bags?
      • What does their friend have in her/his bag or room?


      • Fill in the blanks with has, have:
      • He _______________________many pens.
      • We_______________________ a gift for you.
      • My children ________________many clothes.
      • Maria _____________________a watch.
      • The shopkeeper _____________everything.
      • You ______________________good manners.
      • My school _________________a big playground.
      • I _________________________fever today.
      • My grandmother _____________a basket.

Follow up

  • Tell the students to make a list of any ten things they have at home.

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