Lesson Plan of Use of Tables & Graphs

Lesson Plan of Use of Tables & Graphs

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Read tables and charts in the classroom.
  • Locate month and date in a calendar by reading across and down.

Information for Teachers

Use of Tables & Graphs

  • Teacher must have a calendar.

Use of Tables & Graphs

  • Students must be taught about the rows and columns of the calendar. The week days are written above horizontally in the calendar.
  • Teacher must guide the students that week days are written horizontally and the subjects are written vertically.
  • Teacher must do the recap of the previous lessons by asking simple questions before starting this lesson.
  • Take help from the textbook to teach this lesson. Use all activities related to this lesson in the textbook.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, charts, coloured chalk, a table of days of the week

Use of Tables & Graphs


  • Ask the students to see different displayed charts in the classroom.
  • Ask them the question:
      • Why are these charts displayed in the classroom? (Accepted answer: They give us information)


Activity 1

  • Ask the students to find tables and charts present in the classroom. (Possible answer: timetable chart, math chart etc.)
  • Ask them to read familiar words in the table and charts.
  • Tell them that these tables and charts give us some information.
  • Paste the following pre-pared tables of days of the week on board.
  • Remind that days are capitalized.

Use of Tables & Graphs

  • Ask them, ‘which fruit will we eat on Sunday?’
  • Then ask them, “When will we eat an apple?”
  • Ask same type of questions for all types of food and days.
  • Make a table with one game to play for each day of the week.
  • Show the table of days of the week, class timetable, etc.
  • Tell them each block has information across and down.

Use of Tables & Graphs

  • Hold a stick in your hand in your hand and point towards columns and rows of the timetable.
  • Tell number of periods and the days of the week in class timetable.
  • Then ask them, ‘what will we study in the first period on Monday? ‘ask them to see the next column to Monday)
  • Paste the calendar on the board.

Use of Tables & Graphs

  • Ask the following questions.
      • What day is the 1st of July?
      • What is the date two days after 13th July?
      • What date is two days before 17th August?
      • What day was that?
      • You are going on holiday on the 23rd July for 10 days what date and month will you come back?
      • You are going on holiday for 3 weeks starting on the 11th July, what day will you come back?


  • Make a calendar and display it in the class.
  • Decorate it with pictures and your own colours themes.

Activity 2

  • Make them recall the months of the year and days of the week.
  • Ask students: what day is it today?
  • Ask them: what month is it? And show how the months and days are written?
  • Point out to show them the day, date and month in a calendar.
  • Repeat till all students are able to do so.

Use of Tables & Graphs

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Suggest that we can use a large calendar with big numbers and can make an activity calendar of different television programs on activities done in school programs that we watch during a week.

Use of Tables & Graphs


  • Show the class a calendar and ask questions about rows and columns.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to make an activity calendar for one week with pictures.
  • Find exercises given in textbook related to this lesson.
  • Asl all students either do them in the book or the notebook.

Use of Tables & Graphs

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