Lesson Plan of “Wh” Forms in Questions

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Recognize the function of wh forms used in questions.

Information for Teachers

·         We used question words to ask certain sorts of questions.
·         The most common questions in English are often mentioned to a “WH” questions.
·         Wh forms are words (what, when, where, which, who, whose, why) used to ask questions.
·         Wh-questions activate with what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how.  
 We usage them to ask for info. The answer can’t be yes or no:
 A:    When do you wind up college?   
B:    What are you doing?
               C:   Who is your favorite actor?
               D:  Why did you do that?
               E:   Whose car is that?’
               F:  Which do you favor, tea or coffee?
               G:  How do I come to be the station?
·         We commonly usage wh-questions with wh– + an supporting verb (be, do or have) + subject + main verb or with wh– + a modal verb + subject + main verb:
·             Be: When are you sendoff?
·             Who’s been compensating the bills?
·             Do: Where do they live?
·             Why didn’t you request me?
·             Have: What has she finished now
·             What have they finalized?
·             Modal: Who would she stay with?
·             Where must I park?

Material / Resources

Chalk/marker, duster, board, a small gift, textbook

Worm up activity

·         Help the students understand and discuss the questions in the box. (you can use the students’ names for the activity)
·         Any two students can act it out. For example: Jamaal will give a gift to Maria.
·         The students can ask a questions “ Who give a present to maria?”
·         The students can answer also.
·         Do enough practice by changing names and students so the students learn the wh forms and their use in questions.
o   Who gave a present to Maria?
o   What did Jamaal Give to Maria?
o   Who did Jamaal give a present to?
o   When did Jamaal give a present to Maria?


Activity 1

·         Draw the table on the board and let the students fill it by taking turns.
·         Encourage the students to ask the question in a questioning tone, that they have matched with actions.
·         The students in the class can respond to each question with the teacher’s help.
·         Later they can do this in the notebooks.
        Match to make a correct question
1.       What
2.       Who
3.       Whose
4.       Where
5.       When
6.       Why
7.       Which
Are you?
Are they sleeping?
Will the guests come?
Is your pencil?
Is your name?
Is your new class?
Book is this?
Answer key: 1. (is your name)    2. (Are you)     3.  (Book is this)   4. (Is your new class)  5. (Will the guests come)    6. (Are they sleazing?)    7. (Is your pencil)

Activity 2

·         Read the following answers. Choose and write correct with question words to make questions.
                              What, who, whose, where, why, when, which
1: __________is the pen which Sadie gave to me?
Answer:  here is the pen which Sadie gave to you.
2: ___________are you looking for?
Answer:  I am looking for my book.
3: ___________do you reach your shop?
Answer:  I reach my shop at 8 o’ clock.
4: ___________is your best friend?
Answer: Nader is my best friend.
5: ___________is your favorite flower?
Answer: Rose is my favorite flower.
6: ___________clothes are there in the wardrobe?
Answer: My clothes are there in the wardrobe.
7: ___________did you come late today?
Answer:   I got up late in the morning.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask the class to share the question forms they have learnt with one example by using actions, rising tone and any object in the classroom.


·        Instructions: Ask the students to find and write one question with each wh form from their English textbook.
Follow up
·         The students can perform a role play by working in a group.
·         They can act out how interviews are taken on the Television.


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