Lesson Plan of Writing Short Notices

Students` learning Outcomes

  • Read short notes written for selected purposes to write guided short notes to their own friends and family members.

Information for Teachers


  • Notes are short forms/, modes of communication.
  • We send notes for many purposes.
  • Some of the selected purposes for which letters and notes are written are:
    • Extending invitations,
    • Sending reminders,
    • Saying thank you,
    • Seeking permission,
    • Wishing get well soon, etc.

Writing Short Notices

  • Most of the notes use formulaic expressions i.e. patent phrases and words that are commonly used for particular situations, like ‘May i? Could you please? I would like…, thank you, a pleasure indeed, etc.
  • Capitalization of proper nouns/names and punctuation play important role in writing down the notes.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, worksheet, textbook

  • Write the following poem on the writing board or on some chart (recycle).
  • Ask the students to read.
  • Help the students in reading the poem; img
  • When students read the poem ask them:
    • What did they understand from the phrase ‘I would like a……?
  • Explain that when we want to request someone, it is polite to say “I would like (any wish/ favour / request) instead of saying, “I want”.
  • Practice orally a few times using different requests:
    • I would like…….a glass of water/some tea/a new notebook/a break/your help in this……
  • Ask the students:
    • What gift or presents they want from their uncles and aunts on their birthday?
    • Do they invite their friends on their birthday?
    • What animal would they want to have as a pet?


  • Write the following on the writing board.
  • Complete this activity collectively on the board.
  • Tell the students that this is a short note they are writing to their uncle or aunt for their birthday gift by selecting the correct answers.

Dear ___________________,

Thank you very much for____________________ (remembering) My________________ (birthday).

I would like to a _____________(write gift) as my birthday______________(gift/money) .

Thank you;


  • Ask the students to copy the note in their notebooks.
  • Read it collectively and discuss language features e.g. capital letters, punctuation and format.

Activity 2

  • Write the following thank you note on the writing board.
  • Ask the students to copy it in their notebooks.
  • Ask the students to write a note of thanks to their uncle/aunt.


Thank you for the _________________ (write the name of the gift sent) you have sent for me on my ___________birthday. It is very ___________ (good, beautiful). You are really __________ (nice).

Thank you.


Sum up / Conclusion
  • Tell the students that short notes convey our message in short.
  • Ask them:
    • Why is note writing important?
    • When do we write notes?
    • How can this same information be communicated, using other medium?

(Through a written note, a text message, email)

  • Find the exercise related to the topic in the textbook. Students must do this exercise in the notebooks or on the textbook.
  • Check students` work for capitalization, punctuation and correct spellings.
  • Ask the students to:
    • Write a thank you note to the teacher/parents/uncle/aunt or anyone who has done something nice for him/her for which you wish to thank them.
    • Make a card and write an invitation note for teachers/principal for some important event of the school where you want to invite them.
    • Make a card and write ‘Get Well Soon’ message on it.
Follow up
  • Ask the students to write a short letter to your friend thanking him/her for inviting you to come and stay with him in Bahawalpur,(Where you had a wonderful time)
  • Ask the students to bring newspaper cuttings where invitation / birthday or any short note or message is presented.
  • Tell them to paste it in their notebooks and try to learn the respective lines.

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