Lesson Plan of Addition of Two Digits with Carry



Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Add 2-digit numbers with carry.
  • Solve real life problems, involving addition of 2-digit numbers, with carrying.

Information for Teachers

  • Adding 2-digit numbers is just like adding 1-digit numbers first add units then tens.

Addition of Two Digits with Carry

  • To add 2-digit numbers addition process goes more than once.


  • Question should be written vertically in column headings from left to right.


  • Units, tens and hundreds should be mentioned along with writing any question.


  • Sign of addition + should n`t be written under any column heading.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult with textbook where and when applicable.


Material / Resources

Writing board, marker / chalk, duster, sticks, counting frame and beads of two colours, paper strips, textbook


  • Ask the students; if your father gives you Rs. 5 and then your mother also gives you Rs. 5. How much money will you have?
  • Ask some more questions where addition of one digit numbers is required.
  • Encourage them to count on their fingers.

Addition of Two Digits with Carry

  • Ask them; if you have Rs. 27 and you get Rs. 52 more, can you count on your fingers to add the numbers?
  • Note their responses on the board.



Activity 1

  • Ask students to sit in the groups and tell the story.
  • Sara made 2 necklaces with beads.
  • One necklace has 36 beads and the second necklace has 25 beads. How many beads did she use in all?


  • Ask students in groups to use match sticks to represent beads, then as them to add loose sticks in loose sticks.
  • Remind them that ten loose sticks will be tied up to make a bundle.
  • Count remaining loose sticks and write under the units and hundreds.
  • Now combine bundles together write under the heading of tens.



  • Give more questions to the students to solve like, 75 + 17, 67, + 25 etc.


Activity 2

  • Students will remain in groups.

Give an addition question (2-digit into 2-digit) along with a counting frame to students in group e.g. 92 + 68.

Ask students to represent 92 on counting frame by putting 2 beads in unit string and 9 beads in tens. 


  • Ask them to clip each string.
  • Represent 68 on counting frame by putting 8 beads in the unit`s string and 6 beads in tens.
  • Count the beads in the unit string and write in notebook.
  • Combine beads in ten`s string and count them.


  • As soon as they reach ten, replace ten beads with one bead at hundred`s place, count the remaining beads and write in the notebook.
  • Similarly count the beads in hundred places and write in notebook.
  • Now write the sum vertically and solve with carrying.



Activity 3

  • Give a paper strip to the students in groups containing a word problem related to addition of 2-digit with 2-digit numbers e.g. Ali and Fatima went to a festival. Ali bought 12 candies and Fatima bought 20 candies. How many candies did they buy altogether?
  • Solve the question on the paper.


  • Ask one student from each group to present the question assigned to them and how they solved it?


Activity 4

  • Ask the students to solve the problems given in their textbook.
  • Observe their work and guide them where necessary.
  • Assign some questions to the students as homework from textbook.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Discuss that:
  • When we add 2 digit numbers we first add the units and then the tens.
  • If units are more than nine we carry the ten to the tens column.


  • Similarly tens are more than 10 we carry 10 (tens) to hundred column as one hundred.



  • Give some questions (addition with carrying) to solve e.g. 45 + 58, 65 + 76, 74 + 96 etc.


  • Write 2-digits number on paper strips. Ask students to pick any two strips randomly and find the sum of both numbers.
  • Give simple word problems of daily life to solve.


Follow up

  • Assign some addition questions to solve as homework E.g.
  • There are fifty-one trees in the park. Twenty-six more trees will be planted this year. How many trees will be there in all?


  • Count the match sticks of two match boxes, add them and write on their notebooks.



  • For a feast mother made roti’s and nans, at home, if each guest eat 1 nans in breakfast and 2 roties, and 1 nans in lunch then how many reties and nans are needed for 10 guests?



  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook.

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