Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Add 3-digit numbers and ones without carry.
  • Add 3-digit numbers and 2-digit numbers without carry.

Information for Teachers

  • Column addition, partial-sums and place-value method are three strategies to teach students how to add 3 digit numbers.


  • For Write column headings (Hundreds, Tens and Units) for write addition questions



  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook where and when applicable.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, beads, counting frame, pieces of paper, chart paper, flash cards, dice


  • Prepare flashcards of 3-digit and singles from 0 to 9.


Write figures which don`t involve carrying the units.


Shuffle the cards and distribute one 3-digit and 1 single digit card to the students of A and B group.

For A Group


For B group


  • Ask the students to add the numbers and tell the answer.
  • Write one statement of the question on the board; “Maria got Rs. 650 from mother and Rs. 200 from father as Eidy. How much has she?





  • Ask students to solve the question.



Activity 1

  • Write an addition question (3-digit and single digit number) on writing board as such; 

323 + 3.

  • Give counting frame to students to represent first number by inserting 3 beads, 2 beads and 3 beads in unit, ten and hundred strings respectively.
  • Ask students to put clips on all strings and insert 3 beads more in unit string.
  • Ask students to remove clips and combine beads in respective string.
  • Count the beads in each string and write numbers on notebook under the appropriate.
  • Repeat this activity for 3-4 more question of addition.

Activity 2

  • Write a question of 3-digit number and 2-digit number to add (without carry) on writing board.


  • Ask students to solve the question in their notebooks.
  • Discuss with them how this question is different from the addition questions discussed in the previous activity?
  • Write the responses of students on writing board and share those differences (addition of 3-digits with 2 digits) that the digits are added in their respective places.


Activity 3

Give a piece of paper to the students in groups containing an addition question of 3-digit and 2-digit. (Make sure that there is no carrying involve in addition)


  • Ask them to discuss in groups and then solve on the paper given to them.
  • Ask students to paste paper on the chart paper.
  • Display chart paper in classroom. Invite all students to come and observe how different students solve different question.
  • After observation discuss with students how addition questions were solved by their fellows. Identify mistakes and correct those mistakes.

Activity 4

  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook.



  • Observe their work and guide them where necessary.
  • Assign some questions to the students as home work from textbook.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask students, how to add 3-digit numbers into 2-digit numbers.


  • Explain the addition in columns with the help of 2-3 sums.


  • Assign some questions to students to add 3-digits into 2 and 3-digits numbers (without carrying)
  • Ask students to solve the following worksheet.


Follow up

  • Ask students to take three dices.


  • Toss them to get a 3-digit number and add 23   to it. Do this activity 5 times and write questions and answers in their notebooks.
  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook.



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