Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Solve simple problems regarding addition and subtraction with carrying / borrowing in mixed form.

Information for Teachers

  • Help students to understand statements of questions.
  • Key words for addition are; total, altogether, sum of, in all etc.
  • Key words for subtraction are; how much left, how much more, difference, etc.
  • Help students to write statements i mathematical form.
  • In a mixed statement we add things first and subtract later.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.


Material / Material

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook


Activity 1

  • Tell students that today we will apply our understanding of addition and subtraction to solve real life situation.
  • Ask them how many students are there in the class today?
  • Ask some students to stand up.
  • Ask students to tell that how many students are still sitting?
  • Write on the board few simple statements e.g.
  • Ask different students about their feedback through discussion.


Activity 1

  • Describe the following situation to the students by writing on the board, such as;
  • Ask the students;
  • How many cows did Mr. Malik has? (Expected answer would be as; 140)
  • How many more cows he purchased? (Expected answer would be as; 43)
  • How many cows were there on the farm? (Expected answer would be as; 140 + 43)
  • Ask one student to write it on the board in columns and add. (Expected answer would be as; 183)
  • How many cows did he sell? (Expected answer would be as; 76)
  • How we have to find the remaining cows?
  • How will you find? (Expected answer would be as; by subtracting 76 cows from the total cows)
  • Ask one students to show subtraction in columns on the board and find the answer. (Expected answer would be as; 107)
  • Now ask the students to tell you the similar situations where addition and subtraction are both used.
  • In this activity you can change the number.

Activity 2

  • Write one mathematical sentence on board such as; 15 + 5 + 40.
  • Ask each group to make a story about the numerical statement.
  • Give them hints in the form of example;   Amana had Rs. 15, her father gave her Rs. 50 more. Write on the board a numerical sentence (15 + 50 – 40)
  • From each group ask one student to share story with remaining class and student from the same group will solve on the board.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Math is related to our daily life.
  • We can convert a statement into mathematical form to get the answer.
  • Key words for addition are; total, altogether, sum of, in all etc.
  • Key words for subtraction are; how much left, how much more, difference etc.


  • Solve one or two statement questions on the board with the help of the students to assess their understanding.

Follow up

  • Ask students to collect at least 2 examples from daily life where they need to add and subtract things, e.g.



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