Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Add ones and ones.
  • Add ones and 2-digit numbers with carry.

Information for Teachers

  • Addition is “putting together” of two groups of objects and finding how many in all.


  • This is first time students will learn addition with carry.
  • They have already learnt about addition without carry and also know that 10 ones make one ten.
  • Questions should be written vertically with columns headings (units and tens).



  • Sign of addition + should n`t be written under any column heading.


  • While teaching the lesson, teacher consult textbook where and when applicable.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, ice-cream sticks, number flashcards and counting frame


  • Ask the students; if they have 9 units and add two more to them how many do they have? (11)


Make a bundle of ten sticks and ask how many sticks are in this bundle? (11) 


  • How many tens are in this bundle? (1)
  • Give simple addition questions on the board to make tens. Like;

1 + 9 =?

8 + 2 =?

7 + 3 =?

4 + 6 =?

5 + 5 =?





Activity 1

  • Pose a situation e.g. Ali has 7 sticks in one hand and 5 sticks in the other hand, how many total sticks he has?


  • Draw sticks on the board and count aloud. 



  • Write on the board, like; 7 + 5
  • Give some match sticks to students; ask them to separate 7 and 5 sticks.


  • Ask them to combine these sticks and count. As soon as they reach at the ten remind them to make a bundle of ten sticks.
  • Now ask students how many loose sticks and tied sticks they have?


Activity 2

  • Write on board as; 7 + 5 = 12
  • Explain that in 12, 1 represents ten and 2 represent units.
  • Repeat for other single digits numbers whose sum is greater than 9.


Activity 3

  • Give an addition question along with match sticks; 19 + 8 = ……
  • Ask them to show the sticks in first number, as tens and unit; bundle of ten and loose unit sticks.
  • Show sticks for second number
  • Add unit sticks in both numbers
  • Ask how many unit sticks we have? (17)
  • Can we write 17 as units? (No), show as bundle of ten and unit sticks.
  • Combine them and see how many bundles of ten they have?
  • How many units do we have now? (7).
  • How many tens? (2)
  • Now write addition as; 


  • Guide students for the column addition with the examples.

Activity 4

  • Write an addition question (2-digit and 1-digit) on board; like 25 + 8 =?
  • Ask one student to represent 25 on counting frame by putting 5 red beads in the unit`s string and 2 yellow beads in ten`s string.
  • Clip each string and then represent second addend by putting eight beads in unit`s string.
  • Remove the clip from the unit`s string.
  • Ask how many beads there are in unit`s string? (13)
  • Can we have 13 beads in unit`s string? (No)
  • Ask students what to do now?
  • Ask one child to take out 10 red beads from unit`s string and put one yellow bead in ten`s string.
  • Ask how many red beads in unit`s string? (3)
  • How many yellow beads in ten`s string? (3)
  • Write the process in column addition and explain to the students.
  • Give the students more questions of this type to solve.


Activity 5

  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook.
  • Observe their work and guide them where necessary.
  • Assign some questions to the students as home work from textbook.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Discuss with students that when the sum of two digits becomes 10 or more than 10 we get 1 tens.
  • In addition of 2-digit numbers, we add ones to ones and tens to tens.
  • If, in the unit`s column units are 10 more than 10, we carry 1 ten to the ten`s column.


  • Give the following worksheet to students, to complete.


Follow up

  • Ask the students to write examples from daily life where they need to add things which are more than 10 in quantity.
  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook





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