Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Add 3-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers without carry.
  • Solve real life problems, involving addition of 3-digit numbers, without carry.

Information for Teachers

  • Students know about addition of 3-digit numbers into 2-digit numbers without carry.


  • This session is about application of knowledge.
  • Bring such problems from real life situations where students can apply their knowledge to solve problems.


  • Key words for addition; altogether, total. How much, sum of, more than, less than
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult with textbook where and when applicable.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, paper strips, chart paper, number flash cards


  • Consult the students in pairs.
  • Show the students flashcards containing 3-digit numbers (digit should be less than 5) as such; 234, 123,321, 444 etc.


  • Ask them to pick two cards at random and find the sum of both cards.
  • Ask the students to share how they have solved the question with the class.
  • Brainstorm on situations where they add things in their daily life.



Activity 1

  • Give following questions to students.
  • Ask the students to discuss and solve questions.
  • Ask the students how did they find the missing number?

Activity 2

  • Provide one quarter chart paper in groups to the students.
  • Write on the board a word problem related to addition of 3-digits and 2 or 3 digits number, e.g. Salma went to a bird shop. She learnt that a talking parrot is being sold for Rs. 425/00 and a pigeon for Rs. 70/00. She wants to buy the both birds. How much money she needed for the purpose?


  • Ask the students to discuss and list down all information on chart paper.
  • Also discuss how to add numbers given in the problem.
  • Ask the students to write their answers on chart paper.
  • Call 2 or 3 students to share their work on the board.


Activity 3

  • Ask students to discuss any situation from their daily life where addition is used.
  • Ask them to prepare a role play.
  • Invite one group at a time to perform role play in front of their class fellows.

Example of role play:


  • It may be a shopping scene, where one child is buyer and the other is shopkeeper, bargaining over the price of something; buy 2 or 3 items and before payment show total on the board.
  • They can also pretend to be cricketers, adding up their runs when they hit a score(add the scores on the board)


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Discuss with students the importance of addition in our daily life.
  • Discuss the key words that identify the use of the concept of addition in the specific situation.


  • Assign some word problems related to addition of 3-digit numbers and 2 or 3 digit numbers, e.g. Sara has 345 orange candies and her brother Ali has 123 strawberry candies. How many candies do they both have?


 Follow up

  • Ask students to keep noticing and sharing in class such daily life situation where the concept of addition is involved e.g. Mother give Rs. 125 to buy grocery and Rs. 43 to buy vegetables, how much did she spend on shopping?


  • There are 1242, 320 and 335 cows in three farms. How many cows are in all the farms altogether?



  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in their textbook.



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