Lesson Planning of Adjective Phrases


Lesson Planning of Adjective Phrases

Subject English

Grade 9th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • By the end of this lesson students will know about the word Adjective Phrase.

Information for Teachers

  • Read the following Sentences:
  1. A boy met me yesterday.
  2. A boy with blue eyes met me yesterday.
  3. He tells a tale.
  4. He tells a tale with the ring of truth in it
  • In the first and third sentences, we have a single noun (a person or a thing), and in the second and fourth sentences we have a group of words describing that person or thing. These group of words act as an adjective and are, therefore, adjective phrases
  • So we can say: an adjective phrase is a group of words that act as an adjective for qualifying a noun or pronoun. It may be in the subject part or in the predicate part.
  • Read the following Adjectives and the Adjective Phrases that are same in meaning.


Adjectives Phrases

A blank page

A heavy load.

A black coat.

A golden crown

A white elephant

A jungle track

The Pakistani flag


A page with no writing on it.

A load of great weight.

A coat of black colour.

A crown made of gold.

An elephant of white colour.

A track through the Jungle.

The flag of Pakistan


  • When a word qualifies a noun or pronoun, it is called adjective. When a group of words without having subject and predicate does the work of an adjective, it is called Adjective Phrase as;


Adjectives Phrases

Of great nobility

With long hair

Of short stature

With blue eyes

In white dress.

A smiling face

The longest day

A kind man

A purple shirt

He is a man of great nobility.

A boy with long hair came here.

A boy of short stature stood there.

A boy with blue eyes came to meet me.

He looks cute in white dress.

A face with a smile on it.

The day of great length.

The man with kind nature

A shirt of purple colour.


  •  Identify the Adjective Phrase in the following sentences:
  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  2. Ahmad is a lad of great promise.
  3. A stitch in time saves nine.
  4. A man in great difficulties came to me for help.
  5. He bore a banner with a strange device.
  6. He wore a turban made of silk.
  7. Ali is a man of senses.
  8. I met an old man from a cottage.
  9. He is a man without a friend.
  10. It is of no use.
  11. He has done a deed of shame.
Key Answers: 
  1. Indeed
  2. of great promise
  3.  in time
  4.  in great difficulties 
  5. with a strange device
  6.  made of silk
  7. of senses.
  8. from a cottage
  9. without a friend
  10. of no use
  11. of shame.


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