Lesson Planning of Adjectives


Lesson Planning of Adjectives

Subject English

Grade 3rd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Identify describing word as adjectives.
  • Use adjectives of quantity, quality, size and colour.

Information for Teachers

  • Adjectives are describing words. They tell us more about nouns. For example:
    1. A red box
    2. A long snake
    3. Three apples
    4. A brave girl


  • Adjectives are of different kinds.
  • They are of quantity, quality, size and colour.




















    1. He is a boy.
  1. He is a good boy.
  2. He is a tall boy.
  3. He is wearing a yellow shirt.
  • The words: good, tall, thin, handsome and well-dressed here describes the noun(boy), yellow describes the shirt of the boy.


  • While teaching the lesson, consult the textbook where applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, pencil, textbook


  • Ask the students the following questions to introduce the concept of adjectives and note the responses of the students on the board.
  • What is the colour of your bag? (Expected answer may be as; black/pink/red/blue, etc.)
  • Tell them that a bag is a noun and the words black/blue/pink/red are describing this noun.
  • Tell them that these are adjectives of colour.
  • Then ask how much work they have to do. (Expected answer may be as; a little, half, etc.)
  • This is an adjective of quantity.
  • Then ask whether the bag is big or small. (Big or small are the adjectives of size)
  • Then ask ‘is your bag clean or dirty?’ (Expected answer may be as; clean /dirty, these are adjectives of quality)
  • Question can be asked about their uniform/shoes or books to further clarify the concept.


Activity 1

  • Ask the students to do the following and note their responses on the board.
  • Touch your book and tell if it is soft or hard.
  • Take out your pencil and tell its colour.
  • Are you a fast or slow runner?
  • Look at the class and tell if it is clean /dirty.
  • Explain to them how the words hard, soft, colours (black, red) describe the nouns.

Activity 2

  • Write the following words on the board.


  • Ask the students to choose adjectives from them.
  • Then instruct them to write the adjectives in the respective columns of quantity, quality, size, and colour.
  • It can be done as board activity or students can be asked to do it in their notebooks.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Write the following on the board and ask the students to tell to which category of adjective they belong?
  • Ask students to write a role play on a new topic, for example a child who is telling his parents what kind of a pet dog or cat he/she wants.
  • Help them with spellings if they need help.


  • Divide the students into pairs.
  • Write the following sentences on the board and ask them to copy and underline the adjectives from them.
    1. Ahmad is a tall boy (Adjective of quality)
    2. Amna is a nice girl. (Adjective of quality)
    3. She is wearing green shirt.(Adjective of colour)
    4. Dog is a faithful animal. (Adjective of quality)
    5. The tea is hot. (Adjective of quality)
    6. I have two brownbags (Two is an adjective of quantity, brown is an adjective of colour)
    7. Ahmad lives in a big house. (Adjective of size)
    8. Sarah has red shoes. (Adjective of colour)
    9. Samina has many bags. (Adjective of quantity)
    10. My dog has a long tail. (Adjective of quantity)
  • All the above mentioned adjectives have been underlined for the help of the teacher.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to use the following adjectives in sentences (black, small, big, good, heavy, seven)
  • Ask students to take turns doing a role play. The student will pretend to be looking for something, and the other will pretend to help him /her to find it and will ask question about it.
  • You can make students practice the given dialogues:

Role play 1

1ststudent: I have lost my shirt. Has anyone seen it?

Helpers:How does it look like? What colour was it?

1ststudent: It was blue with dots on it.

Helpers:Was it of big or small size?

1ststudent: It was of small size.

Helpers:What about the fabric?

1ststudent: The fabric was very soft and a little shiny too.

Helpers:Oh, here it is, a blue and white, small, soft and shiny shirt!

(Blue, white, beautiful, nice, good, short, three, pink, oily, small, big)

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