Lesson Planning of Adverb Phrases


Lesson Planning of Adverb Phrases

Subject English

Grade 9th

Students` Learning Outcome

  • By the end of this lesson students will know about Adverb Phrases

Information for Teachers

  • Read the following sentences:


  1. The horse runs fast / quickly.

  2. The horse runs with great speed.
  3. He behaved rudely.
  4. He behaved in a rude manner.
  • In the first and third sentences, we have a single adverb and in the second and fourth sentences we have a group of words modifying in the same way. These groups’ words in second and fourth sentences act as an adverb and are, therefore, Adverb Phrases.

Adverb Phrases

  • So we can say:
  • When a word qualifies an adjective, verb or another adverb, it is called adverb. When this job is done by a group of words without having its subject and predicate, it is called an Adverb Phrases.
  • Like an adverb, an adverb phrase tells how, when, where or to what degree.
  • An adverb phrase can come anywhere in the sentence, as;
  1. With great speed
  2. In a hurried manner
  3. At this moment
  4. In no time
  5. Before long
  • Whenever any word, that add some value in adjective, verb and adverb, is called Adverb, but whenever the group of words that has no its own subject and predicate, acts as an Adverb is called Adverbial Phrase, as;
  1. Ali ran with great speed.
  2.  He did it in a hurried manner.
  3. He is busy at this moment.
  4. He reached here in no time
  5. I shall be with you before long.
  6. He answered me in a rude manner.
  7. You can buy these candles in all places.
  8. Hamza walked with slow speed.
  • The above underlined words are Adverbial Phrases but when the following way these are used then they will act as Adverb, as;
  1. Ali ran speedily.
  2. He did it hurriedly.
  3. He is busy now.
  4. He reached here soon.
  5. I shall be with you soon.
  6. He answered me rudely.
  7. You can buy these candles everywhere.
  8. Hamza walked slowly.
  • Now we will discuss the following Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases which are equal to them.



Adverbial Phrases


In a hast manner


In a beautiful style


In a foolish manner


At this moment


In a swift manner


In a foreign country


Just now or at a recent date


In a quick manner


By and by


Far and wide


From time to time


In the long run


Once for all

On time

In the nick of time


In a clever manner


With great speed


At once


In an affectionate manner


In a compassionate manner

  • The following Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases those are same in meaning


Adverbial Phrases










In a brave manner

With great care

Without any care

With great speed

In a clever manner

In a beautiful style









At this place / on this spot

At that place / on that spot

At another place

In a foreign country

In all places / at all places









At this very moment

At that moment / time

Before long / at an early date

In former times / once upon a time

At present / at a recent date


Position of Adverbial Phrases:

  • When there are two or more Adverbs or Adverbial Phrases after a verb, the normal order is as;
  • “Adverb of (1) Manner, (2) Place, (3) Time (MPT)”
  • They sang     sweetly     at the concert       yesterday. 

                            (Manner)       (Place)                (Time)

  • Note: An Adverb phrase includes some Adverb with preposition called Adverbials that modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb.
  • Identify the Adverb Phrases in the following sentences:

. Worksheet 1

  1. He always speaks in a rude manner
  2. He wrote an essay in a beautiful manner.
  3. He will meet me in no time.
  4. In former times, he was a successful actor.
  5. We used to live on the top of the hill.
  6. She behaved in a polite manner.
  7. We go to school early in the morning.
  8. He uttered these words in a secret manner.
  9. You can buy it at all places.
  10. Go to that spot to meet him.
  11. We earn our living by honest means.
  12. He arrived at that moment.


  1. Ali ran with great speed.
  2. He left the meeting hall in a hurry.
  3. The worriers fought in a brave manner.
  4. She defrauded her in a clever manner.
  5. We have shifted to another place.
  6. I shall meet you at an early date.
  7. I shall come to meet you in no time.
  8. Buy and by, he grew rich.
  9. He did it in a wise manner.
  10. Stop writing from this very moment.
  11. He cried at the top of his voice.
  12. He will reach at an early date.
  13. The bird sang in a beautiful manner.


Answer key:  worksheet  1

  1. In a rude manner                            
  2. In a beautiful manner
  3. In no time
  4. In former times
  5. On top of the hill
  6. In a polite manner
  7. Early in the morning
  8. In a secret manner
  9. At all places
  10. To that spot
  11. By honest
  12. At that moment
  1. With great speed
  2. In a hurry
  3. In a brave manner
  4. In a clever manner
  5. To another place
  6. At an early date
  7. In no time
  8. By and by
  9. In a wise manner
  10. This very moment.
  11. At the top of his voice.
  12. At an early date
  13. In a beautiful manner


  • Replace the underlined Adverbs with Adverb Phrases:

Worksheet 2

  1. He used to speak to us angrily.
  2. Let us stop here.
  3. We fought valiantly.
  4. He is in the habit of behaving rudely.
  5. He can speak us English eloquently.
  6. He went away hurriedly.  
  7. We revise our lessons thoroughly.
  8. Treat the animals kindly.
  9. Learn your lesson carefully.
  10. He has left recently.
  1. We behave others politely.
  2. They will stop there.
  3. She treated us nicely.
  4. He received us cheerfully.
  5. The gun went off suddenly.
  6. I shall come back soon.
  7. I love my daughter passionately.
  8. He passed by us swiftly.
  9. He has gone abroad.
  10. She cheated her friend cleverly.


Answer key worksheet 2

  1. In a rude manner
  2. At this place
  3. In a valiant manner
  4. In a rude manner
  5. In an eloquent manner
  6. In a hurried manner
  7. In a through manner
  8. In a kind manner
  9. With great care
  10. Just now
  1. In a polite manner
  2. At that place
  3. In a nice manner
  4. In a cheerful manner
  5. In a sudden manner
  6. In no time
  7. In a passionate manner
  8. With great speed
  9. In a foreign country
  10. In a clever manner


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