Subject Mathematics

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Simply decimal expressions involving brackets
  • Applying one or more basic operations

Information for Teachers

  • The simplification of the decimal expression is done according to BOD-MAS rule.


  • Solve inside the Brackets/parenthesis before of, Multiply, Divide, Add or Subtract.
  • Solve the orders. (Not applicable here)
  • Divide and multiply in the sequence.
  • Add and subtract accordingly.
  • For example:



  • If there is more than one bracket then follow the following pattern:


o   First solve the inner most i.e. round brackets parenthesis (……).

o   At the end solve the values given outside the square brackets. {……}

o   Then open the square brackets box brackets […..].

o   For example: 


  • Consult the textbook where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, textbook


  • Write BOD-MAS on the board.
  • Ask, ‘do you know anything about it?’
  • Draw different types of brackets on the board, i.e. ( ), { }, [ ]
  • Ask them to tell the names.
  • Write their feedback on the board in front of the bracket.
  • Ask, ‘do you know the rule of solving these brackets? (May be some students will be able to tell the right sequence)
  • Encourage them for the correct answer.
  • Explain BOD-MAS on the board (as is told in information for teachers)
  • Solve one question with whole numbers on the board involving brackets.
  • For example:


  • Tell them that today we will solve the brackets of decimal numbers.



Activity 1

  • Ask, ‘who will tell me what ‘BOD-MAS’?
  • Write a decimal equation, involving brackets, on the board.
  • Revise the place value of different digits in a decimal number.
  • Remind them ‘how important is it to place a decimal at the correct place for getting the correct answer.
  • Invite a group of four to five students to solve the equation on the board. (Keep a check that every group member will get a chance to solve one step while the peers help him.
  • Give one chance to every group by writing different equations.
  • Reinforce that today we will solve decimal equations involving different brackets.

Activity 2

  • Give few decimal equations with a little complication to solve in pairs. For example:


  • Give at least five/six questions.
  • While the pairs are doing the work take a round in order to see if they need any help.


Activity 3

  • Give 2 questions from textbook to solve.
  • Take a round and help them accordingly.
  • Ask them to swap their copies in pairs for cross checking. .
  • Give more questions from the textbook to solve in copies. Collect the copies to check the work afterwards.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • In order to solve the brackets follow the given rules:
  • Use the ‘BOD-MAS’ rule


  • Solve the brackets in the sequence of ( ), { } and [ ].
  • Place the decimal in the answer at the right place exactly under the decimal placed in the question.



  • Give some questions from the textbook to solve.
  • Fill in the boxes with correct operations (+ – ÷) to get the required answer:


Follow up

  • Ask students to change the following word problems in equations and then solve them.




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