Lesson Planning of Capitalization Rules

Capitalizations Rules

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use capitalization according to the rules learnt earlier.
  • Recognize and apply capitalization to the initial letter of the key words in the titles of stories and books.

Information for Teachers

  • Rules of capitalization learnt earlier are, “Recognize and apply capitalization to the initial letter of the:

Capitalization Rules

  • First word of a sentence
  • Names of people, pets, and places
  • Proper nouns: days of the week, month of the year, names of the holidays and special events and groups.

Teacher should also study class 6 and 7 lesson plans for the same SLO for better understanding and appropriate progression of the lesson.

  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, cutting from newspapers any old children magazine, text book, notebooks


  • Instruction: Write the sentences shown in the picture on the board with circled letters and discuss. Make the students think why some letters have been circled. Briefly discuss the meaning of the sentences. After having their answers tell that John F. Kennedy was of the president of USA (United States of America).

  • Then ask some students the rules of capitalization learnt earlier.


Activity 1

  • Instruction: Brief about Quaid –e- Azam. Discuss the meaning of his following saying and then ask to capitalize it according to the rules. First do it on the board with the whole class then they can do it in their notebooks.

Activity 2

  • Instruction: Discuss the following statement in the box with the students ask to write the sentences using capitalization rules.
  1. during the summer it is very hot.
  2. yesterday was tuesday.
  3. during december it is very cold.
  4. eid is a special holiday.
  5. will tomorrow be Saturday?
  6. my pet cat billu is very active.
  7. I want to become doctor and help people of my area.
  8. sajid lives in faisalabad.
  1.   _________________________.
  2.   _________________________.
  3.   _________________________.
  4.   _________________________.
  5.   _________________________.
  6.  __________________________.
  7.  __________________________.
  8.   ________________________.


Activity 3

Titles of Books and Stories

Rewrite each title using the correct capitalization.

nursery rhymes (title of a book)

superman (title of a book)

fox and the grapes (title of a story)

red riding hood ( title of a story)

my friend and I (story title)


              Nursery Rhymes    





Activity 4

  • Make a chart (as shown below) in the classroom and involve all the students writing on this using capitalization rules. Encourage the students to get the names from different sources, e.g. textbook, newspapers, wrappers, television, advertisements, signboards, etc. display the chat in the classroom throughout the year.




days of week

month of the year

names of holidays

special events


Books & Stories













Conclusion / Sum up
  • Ask question from the students at random to check their understanding.
  • When do we use a capital letter?


  • Teacher is also required to involve the student in solving the problems given in the exercise at end of unit / chapter.

Activity 5

  • Instruction: circle each letter that should be capitalized.
  1. monday is the first day of the week, and Tuesday is the second.
  2. shahid and yousaf play football every Saturday.
  3. samina ent to islamabad for her vacations.
  4. Last december I visited multan.
  5. many children can speak English.
  6. Joseph loves december because it has christmas.
  7. amjad got a gift of a story book “my new school”
  8. i recite holy quran daily

Activity 6

  • Instruction: Select any paragraph from class-8th textbook. Make all the letters small and ask the students to rewrite the paragraph using capitalization rules.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to bring a cutting of a paragraph from any English newspaper / children magazine and circle all the capital letters. Then paste them in the notebooks and share with the class fellows.
  • Make the students visit the school library (if they have) and write some of their favourite titles. The students can also share with the class, if they have any good book / story of their level and interest at their home.


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