Lesson Planning of Nouns ( Common and Proper)


Lesson Planning of Common and Proper Nouns

Subject English

Grade V

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Classify more nouns as common and proper nouns (Names of people, pets, places, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.)

Information for Teachers

  • Common nouns are general names. They are not capitalized unless they begin a sentence, as; country, chair, girl, boy, school, burger, city, etc.

Nouns ( Common and Proper)

  • Proper nouns are special names of persons, animals, places, mountains, holidays, rivers, lakes, months, etc. always start with capital letter, as; Pakistan, Ali, Lahore, Pakistan Day, River Sindh, September, etc.

Nouns ( Common and Proper)

  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/markers, duster, textbook


  • Begin your lesson by asking the students questions, as;
  1. Which noun is always capitalized; common or proper?
  2. Is your name a common or a proper noun?
  3. Is your pet animal`s name a common or proper noun?
  • Ask each student to give examples of common and proper nouns and write them in two separate columns on the board.


Activity 1

  • Write ten sentences on the board and underline a common or a proper noun in each sentence.


  • you can also select sentences from the textbook.
  • Explain t the students that they have to identify the underlined noun as common or proper. On the line given after each sentence, students have to write common noun or proper noun in their notebook.
  • Take random feedback from them.
  • Ask them to make corrections side by side in their notebooks.



Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask them what are common nouns and proper nouns.
  • Ask them to give a few examples. Remind students that common nouns are not capitalized unless they begin a sentence and proper nouns are always capitalized.
  • Find the exercise related to the topic in the textbook.
  • Students must do this exercise in the notebook or on the textbook.


  • Assess how well students are able to classify nouns as common or proper through their performance in activity 2 and follow up activity.
  • Keep assessing whenever a proper noun appears in subsequent reading lessons.
  • Involve the students in solving problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter of the textbook.

Follow up

  • Students will prepare chart in which they will write proper nouns for the following common nouns: person, animal, place, mountain, lake, and river. The list can be put up in class with students continuing to add to it each time they hear a new proper noun.

Extension Activity

  • Select a short paragraph from storybook, social studies textbook or English textbook. Write the paragraph on the board. Don`t capitalize the proper nouns. Ask students to rewrite the paragraph in their notebooks so that proper nouns are correctly capitalized.

A sample of chart paper

Common Noun

Proper Noun

        1. Country


        2. River


       3. Day


       4.  Player


       5. City


       6. President


       7. Holiday


       8.  Month


.       9. Planet




  1.   Pakistan
  2.  The River Ravi
  3.  Monday
  4.  Imran Khan
  5.  Karachi
  6. Ghulam Ishaq Khan
  7.  Labor Day/ Independence Day
  8.  November
  9.  Earth/Mars


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