Lesson Planning of Whole Numbers 0-9


Lesson Planning of Concept of Whole Numbers 0-9( Ascending or Descending Order)

Subject Mathematics

Grade 1

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Count backward from 9
  • Arrange numbers in ascending and descending order.

Information for Teachers

  • Sometimes counting from last number to the first is essential for recognition. Moreover the forward counting (ascending order) and backward counting (descending order) are of much importance while we are travelling towards a destination and coming back. We count the milestones on both ways.

Whole Numbers 0-9

  • Ascending order– Arranging in increasing order (smaller to bigger)
  • Descending order– Arrange in descending order (bigger to smaller)
  • Don`t use the word ascending and descending instead use the words increasing and decreasing order.

Whole Numbers 0-9

  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is required.

Material / Resources required

Writing board, chalk/marker, color pencils, match box with sticks, beads and number cards, prepare a classroom display with chart paper or simple paper cut in balloon shapes of different sizes to explain smaller   and bigger, etc.


  • Draw small boxes with chalk on the floor, and write a number in each box from (1 to).
  • Ask one student to stand on ‘1’ and say that he/she have to go to ‘5’ taking one step at a time. Ask: which number should he/she step on now? (2) and now? (3) (4) (5)
  • Now ask another student to stand on 5. Say: he/she has to get to ‘1’ taking steps in reverse. Which number should he/she step on – (4) (3) (1)
  • Repeat the steps with different students for numbers 1-9
  1. Ask what does “increasing” mean?
  2. What does “decreasing” mean?



Activity 1

  • Put a box containing 9 color pencils on the table in front of the class. Draw a table horizontally with 10 blank columns on the board. Invite another student to show the relevant number card to the class. Ask the board manager to write the number on the board in the first empty box from the left.











  • Take out 1 pencil from the box.
  • Call next student to come and count the remaining pencils in the box (8).
  • Ask another student to show relevant number card to the class.
  • Invite another student to write this number in the next box.
  • Carry on the activity till the last pencil is out of the box.
  • Now ask students how many pencils are left in the box. (Do the same step for ‘0’).
  • Ask the class as a whole to read aloud the numbers written on the board.
  • Ask the students “Are these numbers written increasing or decreasing order?”
  • Accept the responses and then tell the students that writing numbers from biggest to the smallest is known as decreasing order.


Activity 2

  • Ask whole class to say the numbers 1-9 aloud.
  • Ask ‘can you all count backwards from 9’
  • Allow the students to try.
  • Say let’s play a game: who can count backward quickly and without interruption? (play the game: as;
  • Who can count backwards quickly and without interruption?
  • Play the game and ask volunteers to try and write the best counters name on the board, at the end clap for best back counters.
  • Ask: as;
  1. Is back counting increasing or decreasing? Let them think, repeat the question couple of times.



Activity 3

  • Play another game with the students, “Say aloud: 1, 2, 3, increasing or decreasing’ ‘6, 5, 4, increasing or decreasing’.
  • Ask some volunteers to make up such questions and ask the class.
  • Each time ask: as;
  1. Why increasing?
  2. Why decreasing?


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Conclude that: as;
  • Writing numbers from 9 to 0 is backward counting.
  • Writing numbers in this way from bigger to smaller is called decreasing order and writing in smaller to bigger is called increasing order.


  • Ask students to sit in groups.
  • Give each group a box with mixed numbers cards 0-9.
  • Ask every group to arrange numbers cards in ascending and descending order.
  • Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter.

Follow up

  • Ask students to show through drawings the concept of increasing and decreasing order.

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