Subject Mathematics

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Solve real life problems involving percentage.

Information for Teachers

  • Key terms:


  • Tell them while dividing and converting to decimals keep your answer to two decimal places only.
  • The formula to convert percentage to decimals and vice versa:



o   Percentage to decimal 


o   Decimal to percentage 


  • Consult textbook when and where required

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook


  • Write this on the board and discuss:
  • Hot Summer Offer up to 50% off!
  • Do you know what is meant by the term ‘UP-TO’? [Let them guess ask many students until the correct guess]
  • This means the maximum is 50%. It can be 10% or 40% on different types of items.



Activity 1

  • Ask students to find out concession / offer on following items:


  • Give time to students to solve them in groups.
  • Call few groups for discussion and to present their work.


Activity 2

Pair Work:

  • Allocate time to solve and explain method to other member.

Activity 3

Whole Class Discussion:

  • Revise steps to generate discussion.
  • Dis cuss the ways in which this mathematical application of percentage might be used in their real life experience.
  • Ask comparing fractions, comparing decimals and comparing percentages. What is the easiest and why? [Most of them would agree to percentage as the base is same and it becomes comparing whole number]

Sum up / Conclusion

Percentage is calculate out of 100.


  • While dividing and converting to decimals write the answer up till 2 decimal places.


  • The formulae to convert percentage to decimals and vice versa;


o   Percentage to decimal


o   Decimal to percentage



  • Solve the following questions with the help of given pictures:

o   Find out the actual price.

o   Find out the money of the discount.

o   Find out the price of items after the discount.  

  • Give few more questions of percentage from daily life.

Follow up

  • Ask them to take any daily used things wrapper pack and notice the percentage composition of it.
  • Ask students to paste one grocery bill from their home into their copies.

o   Find its total price.

o   Find 45% discount on the total amount.

o   Find the total amount after the discount.


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