Lesson Plan of Dictation of Words

Lesson Plan of Dictation of Words

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Copy and take dictation of familiar words studied in class.

Information for Teachers

  • Words said or read aloud to another person who writes them down or to a machine that record them is called dictation.
  • It is nothing but the activity of writing down the words or sentences dictated by a person in a loud voice.
  • When giving dictation make sure that the word list is from what has been taught earlier.
  • The words whose spelling creates confusion for the students should be selected for dictation.


  • Dictation: It is an activity in school where the teacher reads a passage aloud and students write it down.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where it is required.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, attached worksheet, a pair of scissors, glue, old newspapers or charts, scotch tape, textbook


  • Call some students one by one to act something or do any action and ask the rest of the class to write the word for that action on the board.




Activity 1

  • Divide the class into groups for preparation of dictation.

Give the students a short paragraph from the textbook / story book and direct to fill the blanks of the paragraph;

  • Ask them to read and underline the words whose spellings are difficult to remember.
  • Ask them to share these words with their group members and tell the reason of difficulty.
  • Give time to students to learn the spellings of difficult words.

Dictate them any 5 words from the story book.


  • Then ask one member of each group to check the dictation of other members of the group and correct the spellings.

Activity 2

Look at the pictures and write the correct word or Take dictation of 5 words learnt in class today or read from the textbook.

  • Do these exercise every week to improve spelling of the students?

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the students what they have learned from this lesson.


  • Give dictation of the words from the exercise in the textbook.


Follow up

  • Dictate questions and answers, and then write on the board so the students check their work.
  • Ask students to find out five verbs from their books with ‘s’ and ‘es’ forms and write in their copies and use them in the sentences of their own.
  • Students must add all the words learnt today in their “My Word Book”.


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