Lesson Plan of Geometry Box


Lesson Planning of Geometry Box & Its Tools

Subject Mathematics

Grade 4th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use instruments of geometry box (pencil, straight edge / ruler, set-squares, divider, compass, scale, and protractor).

Information for Teachers






This is a protractor. It is used to measure angles.

It has the shape of half of a circle; therefore it only measures angles up to 180°. It has two scales: each scale from 0° to 180° one way to the other way.

One is lower scale (right to left) and other is upper scale (from left to right).



A divider, also known as a measuring compass, is a mathematical instrument used to measure the length of irregular lines and distances on maps or charts.




Set-squares are useful for drawing parallel lines and perpendicular lines.




A device known as a compass (or pair of compasses) is used by mathematicians and craftsmen in geometry to draw a circle or an arc.



Scale / Ruler are used to measure length of a straight line. It has centimeter, millimetre, and inches on it.

  • During this lesson the teacher should also consult with textbook wherein and whenever it is required.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, geometry box, textbook


  • Divide the class into proper groups.
  • Ask them to open their geometry boxes and guess about its usage (Time limit 10 minutes)
  • Take feedback of each group and then introduce the correct use, write the name and one sentence for each instrument on board.



Activity 1

  • Repeat the uses of geometry box instruments with students once again.
  • Erase the board and give them time to write on copies about each other`s work and do corrections)
  • Ask them to close their note books and ready for the game “Who am I?” (for the first time you conduct it but later students can also forward the question statement)
  • for example: as;
  1. Q. no. 1: My one side is ‘L’ shaped; I am empty from middle, and have a friend. Who am I? (Expected answer would be as; Set-Squares)
  2. Q. no. 2: I have two arms and a sharp tip on one arm, who am I? (Expected answer would be as; Compass)


Sum up / Conclusion
  • Tell the students that today we discussed usage of all tools in a geometry box.
  • Recap the names and uses of all the instruments of geometry with students.


Question, Answer Session:

  1. How many instruments are in geometry box?
  2. How we use divider?
  3. Up to how many degree angle can we make or measure with protractor?

Follow up

  • Ask students to draw circle, parallel lines, triangle with the help of compass and set-squares.


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