Lesson Plan of Geometry


Lesson Plan of Geometry (Patterns with 2 or 3 elements)

Subject Mathematics

Grade 1

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe patterns with 2 or 3 elements.
  • Extend a given pattern of 2 to 3 elements.

Information for Teachers

  • A pattern is a way, in which something happens, moves, develops or is arranged or an arrangement of line shapes.


  • Objects are arranged in a special sequence to make a pattern.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, cut-outs of shapes (squares, circles, triangles), printed cloth or /and wrapping paper with a design on it


  • Bring a piece of cloth or a dupata (scarf) or a wrapping paper with a design printed on it to class. Show the students how designs (such as flowers etc.) are repeated again and again to make a pattern.
  • Tell them that we will also make our own patterns.



Activity 1

  • Ask the students that by using two or three things we can make a pattern. Demonstrate the concept by making a pattern using square and triangle on the board.
  • Make another pattern by using square, triangle and circle.
  • Ask the students are there any difference between the two patterns. (Yes, first one has two elements and second one has three elements).


Activity 2

  • Demonstrate the concept of extending a pattern by using cut-outs of shapes or drawing different shapes on the board.
  • Repeat the sequence verbally: as; ‘Square, triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle….?
  • Ask the students what will come next (square).
  • Ask the students to extend the pattern .(Square, Triangle, Circle,)



Activity 3

  • Demonstrate the making pattern using pencil and book. You are welcome to use any other images that will be easier for the children to draw by looking at the board, such as apples and bananas, or a plate and a spoon, a cricket bat and a ball.
  • Ask the students to extend the following patterns.



Activity 4

  • Ask the students to complete the practice pages given in their mathematics book. Observe their work and guide them.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Objects are arranged in a special sequence to make a pattern.


  • Draw different patterns on the board and ask different students to extend these patterns.
  • Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter.

Follow up Tasks

  • Ask the students to make some patterns using some other objects.(pictures of flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
  • Encourage students to collect dry leaves that fall from trees in autumn and to arrange them in patterns according to color (for example yellow, orange, and brown)

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