Subject English

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Write a guided paragraph using ideas gathered and organized through various strategies.

Information for Teachers

  • A paragraph is an organized block of sentences that develop one part of a piece of writing.
  • A good paragraph includes following elements:
  • Topic- this is the subject of the writing.
  • A Topic Sentence-this is the main idea or subject of the writing.
  • Detail Sentences or Supporting Details-these are the sentences which describe and give more detail about the main idea.
  • Logical Order-the sentences have to be arranged in such a way that makes sense sequentially.


-You also have to make sure that all the sentences are about the main idea.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, chart, pencil, permanent marker, attached worksheet


  • Draw the picture of the flower pot on a chart / board with the given words:
  • Ask the students to share different ideas about the picture, such as;

 What do they understand?

What do they see?

What is a flower pot?

How does flower grow in the pot? Etc.

  • Make them remember their Science lessons about plants.


Activity 1

  • Divide the class into pairs or small groups of 3-4 members each.
  • Ask the students to make some sentences using the vocabulary written on the board / chart i.e. water, put in light, care, prune, and bushes, buy a pot, put soil, sow seeds.


  • Some volunteer students read their sentences aloud in class.
  • Ask them to organize the sentences in order of importance and sequence for example, buy a pot, put soil in it, etc.



  • Read the sentences one by one.
  • Students should help each other to make corrections in order of sentences, such as;


What should come first?

 What should come after?

What should come in in the end?

  • Ask them to review and edit their work for correct spellings, grammar, and appropriate vocabulary.
  • Discuss the mistakes while checking students` work in groups / pairs.

Activity 2

  • Do individual work in notebooks.
  • Ask the students previous knowledge about how a paragraph is written.(Take help from the lesson plans on paragraphs to understand the meaning of the following template.)
  • Draw the following template on the board.
  • Ask the students to use the above given template and write a paragraph on how you would grow a plant at your home.
  • Use the sentences made in activity 1 and organize them according to the template.
  • Teacher should help the students while writing.

Activity 3

  • Ask the students to use the following checklist to exchange, check each other`s work and give feedback.
  • Tell the students to write a second draft after the feedback has been given by their peers.

Activity 4

  • Display a paragraph on a chart (You must have made this before this lesson) that does n`t include all the elements of the paragraph and includes an off-topic sentence.
  • Ask the students to find mistakes.


Sum up / Conclusion

What is a topic sentence and what should be written in it?

What do we write after the topic sentence?

What do we write in the closing sentence?

  • Ask some students to read a topic sentence and a closing sentence. And tell the number of supporting / detail sentences.



  • Use the activity given in the textbook about paragraph writing as a test or ask students to write a paragraph with the help of given words.


Follow up

  • Students write paragraphs using the information given on the wrappers of biscuits, chips or juice packs, etc.


Involve the students in solving the exercises related to this topic given in the textbook.




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