Lesson Planning of Greatest and Smallest Number


Lesson Planning of Identification of Greatest and Smallest Number

Subject Mathematics

Grade 2nd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the smallest / largest number in a given set of numbers.

Information for Teachers

  • We can identify the smallest / largest number by putting the number in place value chart.


  • We start comparing digits from left hand side.

Greatest and Smallest Number

  • In 2-digit number we compare Tens place digit, then Ones place digit and at the end we produce result.


  • Symbols for comparing numbers:

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook


  • Ask the students which number is greater out of 400 and 500? (500)
  • Explain them that we can say any number greater by putting it in place value chart, such as; in case of 400 and 500.


  • First we compare the digit at Hundreds place.
  • Which number is greatest out of 4 and 5.
  • Explain the students that in case of same digits at Hundreds place we move to Tens place and compare the digits.
  • Hence 500 is greater and 400 is smaller number.



  • If we find same digits at Tens place we move to the digit at Ones place to see which one is greater.
  • Step by step we keep on comparing digits.



Activity 1

  • Make the following to the board.


  • Call the students one by one to the board and ask them to tick ( ) the greatest number.



  • Explain the students that we compare the numbers by comparing their place value.
  • Draw a place value chart to the board.



  • Explain the students that first we compare Tens place digit in a 2-digit number.
  • We check which number is greater at Tens place.


Activity 2

  • Write the following set of numbers on the board as such; 106, 120, 251, 320, 144
  • Ask the students to copy in their notebook and tick the greatest number and encircle the smallest one.
  • Ask the student to draw a place value chart and write the above numbers in it.


  • Ask the students to compare the digit in hundreds column.
  • Which number is greatest in hundreds column? (3)
  • Circle the greatest number 3.
  • Now ask which number is the greatest? (320)
  • Tell students that now we will check which number is the smallest?
  • For this we check the digit in hundreds column.
  • Which number is smallest? (1)
  • Now tell the students that we find same number so we will compare digits tens column
  • Which number is smallest in Tens column? (0)
  • It makes the number 106 smallest.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • A number with more digits is always greater than the number with less digits.
  • With the help of place value chart it becomes easy to identify the number as greatest or smallest.
  • Comparison always starts from left hand side.
  • In 3-digit numbers compare the digits at hundreds place first (if digits at hundred place are the same) then compare digits at Tens place (if digits at tens place are same) then compare digits at Ones place.


  • Write set of numbers on the board and ask students to tick (√) the greatest and encircle ( O ) the smallest number.


Follow up

  • Ask the student to write the greatest and smallest page number of their mathematics textbook.
  • Ask students to solve the question given in their textbook.

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