Identification of Word Class


Lesson Planning of Identification of Word Class

Subject English

Grade 3rd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the word class of a given word in context.

Information for Teachers

  • Word class is another name for the parts of speech.
  • Parts of speech (word class) are:
  • Nouns (Naming words)
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs (Action word/helping verb)
  • Adjectives (Describing words)
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections
  • Articles

Identification of Word Class

  • Discuss previous grammar work with students i.e. naming words, action words and describing words.
  • Make sure that students have been introduced to and are familiar with the above concepts.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, pieces of paper or cardboard, thick marker (preferably coloured), 4-5 old shoe boxes or transparent plastic bags, textbook


  • Make a deck of flash cards by writing different nouns, pronouns, and verbs, e.g. pen, he, eat.
  • Old shoe-boxes or envelopes made of chart paper can be hung on the walls and used to classify each word class.
  • Use the list at the end of the lesson plan to make flash cards.
  • Give five cards to every student and ask them to put them in the box/envelope they belong to (make sure you give different words to each student).
  • Students can be asked to maintain a ‘My Word Book’ where they list down new word learnt. This can be done at the back of their notebooks too. It gives students a sense of achievement as they see their word bank increase!


Activity 1

  • Write the following poem on a chart paper and paste on the board.
  • Read it for the students and instruct them to silently read it.
  • Once they have finished reading, read it to them once again, emphasizing (nouns, Pronouns and Verb)

When I visit my cousin

When I visit my cousin

I always have fun;

We play may games,

And run in the Sun.

Or we sit very quietly,

Beside a big fire;

And watch TV,

Until I get tired.

There`s plenty to do,

And plenty to eat,

And plenty of time.

To have our first fight;

there I want to go home,

That very same night.


Activity 2

  • After discussion, recap the following concepts:
  • Verb is a part of speech which shows action, as such; sit, stand, etc.
  • Nouns describe the names, place and things, as such; Ali, Pakistan, Fire, etc.
  • Pronouns are the words which are used instead of nouns such as; I, you, we, they, etc.
  • Make the following box on the board and ask the students to draw it in their notebooks.

Parts of Speech







  • Once they draw it on their copies, ask them to circle the verbs, underline nouns and pronouns from the poem and write them in the respective columns.
  • They can discuss the options in pairs or groups.
  • Tell the first verb as an example to the students.
  • Monitor and help the students while they work.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Discuss with students, the meanings of visit, run, watch, play, sit, tired, peaceful, plenty, fight. Always ask them before, tell them when they don`t know.


  • Tell the students to find out five verbs nouns, and pronouns from their English book and write them in their copies, in a column.
  • Do the related questions given in a column.

Follow up

  • Display a chart for each word class covered in class 3. Add parts of speech on the related chart from all lessons.

Parts of Speech


cousin, games, run, fire, TV, night time, fight, home


I, my, we, our


visit, have (fun), play, run, sit, do, eat, watch, get(tired), went, go



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