Lesson Planning of Learning Competency


Lesson Planning of Reading and Thinking Competency

Subject English

Grade 3rd

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate (pronounce) and identify (choose) digraphs (two combined letters giving one sound example, Phone-F) and trigraphs (three letters giving one sound example, high, enough, etc.).
  • To introduce the concept of a paragraph
  • To use the reading strategies (pre-reading, while reading and post reading)
  • Reading and thinking about the pictures, calendar and clock.
  • To give the concept of alphabetical order and dictionary
  • Recitation of a poem and reading a story


  • Read aloud a list of words (from text book) having digraphs, trigraphs in it.
  • Make the students read them together and individually (one by one), explaining the sound in these words e.g. (Phone, catch, cash, high. Rough)
  • Prepare flashcards with words from the text/ paragraph. Students are about to read.
  • Showing one card, ask different students to read it aloud.
  • Read all cards in same way.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, flash cards, textbook,calendar, wall clock, real things related to the topic

Methods and Activities

Activity 1

  • Write different action verbs on different cards.
  • Ask one student to choose any card randomly; read it and then try to perform the same action in front of the others.
  • The other student will try to identify and name the word written on the card by looking at the action performed in front of them e.g.


Activity 2

  • Write simple words, on the white board with jumbled letters and ask the students to write them in correct order in their note books or call them one by one, to the board, asking them to correct the order of letters, e.g.


Activity 3

  • Give a very short and simple paragraph about a person to the students, asking them to read it.

  • Now ask them to write a few sentences, giving information about them-selves.
  • Original text “This is Ali. He is 8 years old. He lives in Bahawalpur…….
  • My name is………………………
  • Changed new text:

This is my picture.

I am 11 years old.

I live in Hasilpur ……………





Activity 4

  • Ask the students to work in groups to read a short paragraph. “it was very cold today. I wanted to take tea. I went to the kitchen. Took a kettle and put a cup of water in it. Then I added a spoon of tea leaves & three spoons of sugar in it. Then I added a cup of milk in it. After five minutes, the tea was ready. I poured it in a cup, came to the drawing room and drank it”.


  • Ask the students to read it again and get ready to express it in the form of a pantomime (using body movements and actions)
  • Ask one student from every group on the stage for a performance.
  • The rest of the class will comment and decide who / which group has performed well.


Activity 5

Ask the students to read out the alphabet, now ask;


What comes after A?

What comes before D?

What comes between Q and S?

What is the last letter of the alphabet?

Which comes before in the alphabet C or M, F, or W?

Write two words on the writing board By and Apple.

  • Ask: what is the beginning sound of each?
  • If we have to write these words in the order of the alphabet, which word will we write first? (Apple)
  • Tell the students that writing the letters in the order of the alphabet is called alphabetical order, and arranging different words with beginning letters in the order of the alphabet is also called alphabetical order.
  • Give a list of items (names of the students of the class).
  • Make small groups of the students and ask them to rearrange the items (names) in alphabetical order.

Anila, Bushra, Hoor


  • Give a very simple text to the students and then ask them to read it and tell what the text is about?



  • Read the given story and then retell in very simple words orally.

Follow up

  • Select some words from the lesson the student as have read.
  • Make a grid (table) on the writing board and ask the students to make the words for example, head, ear, hand, leg;





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