Lesson Plan of Locating Information

Lesson Plan of Locating Information

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Locate specific information in a calendar (month of the year) or a class timetable (Subject and period) by reading across and down.

Information for Teachers

  • Across means; left to right direction
  • Down means; from top to bottom
  • Students will learn to understand and locate information by reading across and down the table, E.g. a calendar, timetable, etc.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, calendar of the year, class timetable, textbook


  • Make boxes like the one given below on the writing board.


  • Ask students to read the word in the box ‘A’.
  • Ask them how they will start reading the letters to know about the word.
  • After reading the word, tell them that when we read the letters or any other information from left to right direction it is called ‘across / horizontal.
  • Now ask them to read the word in the box ‘B’. Tell them that when we read letters or any other information from top to bottom direction it is called ‘down’ / ‘vertical’.



Activity 1

  • Show the calendar of the month of September 2012 to the students.
  • Divide the students in groups (4-5 students in each group)
  • Give a photocopy of the calendar of the month of September to each group.
  • Explain again how to find information across or down.
  • Write the following question on the writing board:
  1. What is the date on the second weekend in September?
  2. Which day comes after 10thSeptember?
  3. How many Saturday are there in this month?
  • If it is Saturday on September 15th, what day is it on September 20th?
  1. How many holidays do we have in this month?
  2. Which public holiday comes in September?
  3. What holiday is it? How many working days are there in the month of September?
  • Ask different students randomly to give answers of the written questions.
  • Students will do this work in their notebooks.

Activity 2

  • Display the timetable of the class on the board.
  • Discuss with the students their class timetable in the same way (like Activity 1)
  • Ask the following question from the students:
  • Which information is given down in the table? (Expected answer; Days of the week and subjects)
  • Which period is of English on Wednesday? (Expected answer; Third and fourth period is of English, on Wednesday)
  • What is taught in the fourth period on Thursday?
  • How many periods of Social Studies are there in the timetable?
  • On which day and period you are having your games period?
  • More questions of this type can be asked from the students.
  • Ask the class to clap for the students who answers correctly.
  • Make sure that the students have learnt the concept thoroughly.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Tell the students that a calendar and class timetable provide us different information. Specific information can be located by reading it across or down in the calendar.
  • Talk to students about the process of looking up information from a timetable.


  • Ask some students to find some information in their class timetable.
  • Ask questions and they will find the answers by reading the class timetable.
  • Involve the students in solving problems given in exercise at the end of unit / chapter

Follow up

  • Instruct them to consult the calendar of the month of the April for finding information from the calendar.
  • Ask them to use a calendar to answer the given questions, and write them down in their notebooks.


  1. What was the day on 7th April this year?
  2. When is the last Saturday of the month?
  3. Which day is public holiday?




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