Lesson Planning of Measurement of Length/Mass


Lesson Planning of Measurement of Length and Mass

Subject Mathematics

Grade 1

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Compare objects to identify: as;
  1. Long, longer, longest
  2. Short, shorter, shortest
  3. Tall, taller, tallest
  4. High, higher, highest

Information for Teachers

  • Length is associated with the size of the gap between two places.
  • Long is related to being of more length.

Measurement of Length and Mass

  • High is related to the vertical from ground level.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, flashcards, objects e.g. pencils of different sizes, sticks of different lengths, 6” and 12” rulers


  • Ask students to show any two fingers, as;
  1. Which finger is longer than the other?
  2. Which finger is shorter than the other?
  3. Show three candles of different sizes to the students and ask them which candle is the longest?
  4. Which is the shorter?
  • Ask 10 students to stand according to their height from shorter to tallest.
  1. Ask them who is the tallest among them?
  2. Who is the tallest in the class?


Activity 1

  • Divide the class in groups.
  • Give different objects like sticks, pencils, chalks, and rulers to each group.


  • Ask them to arrange the objects according to length and show which one is the longest and the shortest.



Activity 2

  • Draw mountains of different heights on the writing board and ask students to, as;
  • Mark the highest mountain.
  • Use the words higher and highest for the mountains and let the students repeat the words.


Activity 3

  • Draw different objects or plants of varying height on the board and ask students to: as;
  • Indicate which one is the shortest and which one is the tallest.
  • Ask students to mark the order of plants from shortest to the tallest by writing 1, 2. And 3 (1 for the shortest and 3 for the tallest)
  • Use the words tall and short for this activity and let the children repeat the words as they do the activity.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Arrange three different sized objects on the table (sticks, pencils or chalks) on the board in such a way that the longest is placed in the center. Ask students to arrange them in increasing order of their length.
  • Ask a few students to summarize what they have learnt in this lesson?


  • Assess students` understanding by asking: as;
  1. Name the tallest student of your class.
  2. Name the shortest student of your class.
  3. Which is longer; door or window?
  4. Which is shorter; chalk or ruler?
  • Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter.

Follow up Tasks

  • Ask students to draw objects of varying heights and mark them by 1, 2, & 3 according to their lengthy.
  • Ask children to make a list of at least 5 of their family members who are taller than them and 5 who are shorter than them.



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