Lesson Planning of My Word Book


Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Organize vocabulary items learnt in class in a notebook according to selected organizing principles, such as arranging words in alphabetical order and parts of speech.

Information for Teachers

  • Parts of speech (word class) are nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives), adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and inter-jection.

My Word Book 


Noun is a naming word, as; chair, boy, Pakistan, etc.


Verb is a doing word, as; play, win, teach, etc.


Adjective is the quality of a noun, as; red, five, big, etc.


Pronoun is a word used in place of a noun, as; he, her, its, etc.


It shows relationship between two things, as; in, on, under, etc.

  • Students are going to use words consciously and unconsciously which they have already learnt in the class.
  • While teaching the lesson, consult the textbook where and when applicable

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, writing pad


  • Recap parts of speech by asking students the following questions:
  • What are nouns / verbs / adjectives / adverbs, conjunctions / interjections / preposition?
  • Give examples in sentences.
  • What is alphabetical order?


  • Revise the concept of alphabetical order and parts of speech before doing the activities.


Activity 1

  • Give the students vocabulary bank and tell them that they have to separate parts of speech in groups on drafting pads, copies or notebooks.
  • Tell each group to make a list of those in alphabetical order.
  • Instruct the students to do their work neatly. The name of their books should be verbs, nouns, adjectives or adverbs.
  • Put these four books in one corner of the class and make that corner ‘Library Corner’.
  • Sample of the vocabulary bank:

  • (Teacher can vary the list according to the level of their class. Increase the words as per strength of the class)

Activity 2

  • Ask the students to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns in the following sentences.
  • Ask them to write ‘N’ for nouns, ‘V’ for verbs, ‘A’ for adjectives ‘P’ for pronouns.
    1. 1)      He takes care of his toys.
    2. 2)      She is a responsible girl.
    3. 3)      We colour our beautiful pictures.
    4. 4)      My pencil is small.
    5. 5)      Shania tells me an interesting story.

Activity 3

  • Take vocabulary words from activity 2.
  • Write all the nouns in alphabetical order.
  • Write all the verbs in alphabetical order.
  • Write all the adjectives in alphabetical order.
  • Write all the pronouns in alphabetical order.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask them:
  1. What is dictionary?
  2. What is an alphabetical order?
  3. How is it useful to have the words organized in this way?


  • Ask the students to write the following as nouns, verbs, adjectives or pronoun.
  • After that instruct them to write the following words in alphabetical order;












Follow up

  • Encourage the students to keep on adding the new learnt vocabulary according to the organizing principles of words class and alphabetical order.


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