Lesson Planning of Noun Phrase [NP]


Lesson Planning of Noun Phrase [NP]

Subject English

Grade 9th

  • Read the following sentences:
  • The man wants something. [(Subject) + (verb) + (Noun)]
  • The man wants something to eat. [(Subject) + (verb) + (NP with infinitive)]
  • Fatima took her supper. [(Subject) + (verb) + (Noun)]
  • Fatima took her supper early. [(Subject) + (verb) + (NP+Adverb)]
  • Praising is a good virtue. [(Noun as subject) + verb)]
  • Praising all is equal to praising none. [NP + Verb + Adjective + NP]
  • Mr. Ali showed his student a computer. [(Subject) + (verb) + (Noun)]
  • Mr. Ali showed hos student how to assemble a computer. [With ‘how to’]
  • In each of the above pairs of sentences, we first have a single noun and then then a group of words extending the same.
  • In the first sentence ‘something to eat’ is also the object of the verb ‘wants’. But it is a group of words and it acts as a noun. It is, therefore, a noun phrase.
  • In the fourth sentence ‘her supper early’ is also the object of the verb ‘took’. But is a group of words and acts as a noun. So, it is a noun phrase.
  • In the fifth sentence ‘praising’ is a noun and it is the subject of the verb ‘is’.
  • In the sixth sentence ‘praising all’ is also the subject of the verb ‘is’. But it is a group of words and acts as a noun. Hence it is noun phrase.
  • In the eight sentences ‘how to assemble a computer’ is also a noun phrase.

Noun Phrase [NP]

  • So, A Noun Phrase is a group of words that acts as a noun. It may be a subject or object / complement of a verb, as;


Noun Phrases

  • Cricket is a good game.
  • Reading is a good habit.
  • Your bed is ready.
  • Any prize is a prestigious thing.
  • Playing cricket is the style of the day.
  • Have you enjoyed reading this book?
  • Early to bed is a healthy habit.
  • To win a prize is not an easy task.


Noun Phrase

Turned into Sentences

  1. Bird`s eye view
  2. At sixes  and sevens
  3. Kith and kin
  4. Without rhyme or reason
  5. To learn driving
  6. Read novels
  7. Ups and downs
  8. Wear and tear
  9. Long and short
  10. Part and parcel
  1. We had a bird`s eye view of the city from the tower.
  2. Everything in the room was at sixes and sevens.
  3. We should be kind to our kith and kin.
  4. He left his service without rhyme or reason.
  5. He wants to learn driving.
  6. I am fond of reading novels.
  7. We should learn the ups and downs of life.
  8. Wear and tear of roads causes problems.
  9. The long and short of discussion is that he was killed.
  10. T V is a part and parcel of a modern house.
  • Note: In order to understand the Noun Phrase more clearly, question “What” should be asked after the “Verb” and what follows, either, is a Noun, a Noun Phrase or Noun Clause as;
  • He wants “what” … to learn driving.
  • Hence “to learn driving” is a Noun Phrase.

Activity 1

  • Identify the Noun Phrase in the following sentences:
  1. He denies stealing the money.
  2. I don`t expect to start his project today.
  3. Cats like catching mice.
  4. Children like eating fish.
  5. We should not do such a thing.
  6. Resolve to come again.
  7. The headmaster wished to speak to my father.
  8. I enjoy reading column in the newspapers.
  9. I hate playing cards.
  10. Why do you hate visiting such a man?
  11. My winning first position surprised him.
  12. To do such trivials is disgraceful.
  13. It is not easy to give up smoking.
  14. The horse prefers living in dark stable.
  15. I don`t intend to harm you


Answer key:

  1. stealing the money
  2. to start his project today
  3. catching mice
  4. eating fish
  5. not do such a thing
  6. to come again
  7. to speak to my father
  8. reading column in the newspapers
  9. playing cards
  10. Visiting such a man?
  11. My winning first position
  12. To do such trivials
  13. to give up smoking
  14. living in dark stable
  15. to harm you



Activity 2

  • Supply the suitable Noun Phrases in the following blanks.
  1. They hoped__________________.
  2. She intended _______________.
  3. She always expects _________.
  4. It is a great honour __________.
  5. We promise _______________.
  6. Do you know _____________?
  7. ___________ can keep us healthy.
  8. _________ is not an easy task.
  9. You wish _____________.
  10. He wanted ___________.
  11.  _______gives us a great joy.
  12. He had promised _________.
  13. I hope __________.
  14. She dislikes ___________.
  15. We enjoy ____________.
  16.  ________ surprised him.
  17. Lions like __________.
  18. My house is _____ from here.
  19. Ahmad is a _________.
  20.  ________ wait for none.


Answer key:

  1. to pass the examination
  2. to harm him
  3. to stand first in the class
  4. to meet you
  5. to help you
  6. the way to the post office
  7. getting up early
  8. climbing the hill
  9. to become a great man
  10. to learn driving
  11. reading books
  12. to help me
  13. a hunt a lot of birds
  14. going to bed late
  15. playing hockey
  16. my standing first in the class
  17. to eat meat
  18. at a stone`s throw
  19. man of parts
  20. time and tide


Activity 3

  • Identify the Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrases and Noun Phrases in the following sentences:
  1. He is a man of means.
  2. He enjoys wearing shorts.
  3. She failed in spite of her best efforts.
  4. He has his finger on the pulse of the nation.
  5. We enjoy playing cricket.
  6. Ahmad is a lad of great promise.
  7. I don`t know what to do.
  8. It lies near his heart.
  9. He refused to answer the questions.
  10. Don`t talk like that.
  11. She won that prize by dint of hard work.
  12. This matter is of no importance.
  13. This train is behind time.
  14. Dabbling in water delights the duck.
  15. His car ran over a dog.
  16. Honesty is written on his face.
  17. He dwells in a hut built of wood.
  18. A soldier of tall stature stepped forth.
  19. He arrived at that moment.
  20. She succeeded in the long run.



Answer key:

  1. Adjective Phrase
  2. Noun Phrase
  3. Adverb Phrase
  4. Adverb Phrase
  5. Noun Phrase
  6. Adjective Phrase
  7. Noun Phrase
  8. Adverb Phrase
  9. Adverb Phrase
  10. Adverb Phrase
  11. Adverb Phrase
  12. Adverb Phrase
  13. Noun Phrase
  14. Adverb Phrase
  15. Adjective Phrase
  16. Adjective Phrase
  17. Adjective Phrase
  18. Adjective Phrase
  19. Adverb Phrase


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