Number Operation (Addition/Subtraction)


Lesson Planning of Number Operation (Addition, Subtraction)

Subject Mathematics

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Solve real life problems (using Pakistani currency as well) involving addition, subtraction.

Information for teachers

  • Have a concept of “addenda” and “sum”.

Number Operation (Addition/Subtraction)

  • “Addenda” those quantities, to which we want toad, is plural for addendum.
  • “Sum” result after adding quantities.
  • By doing addition when things become more than ‘10’ in unit place we take ‘1’ as carry to tens or hundreds place respectively.
  • When doing sums regarding subtraction if in unit place or tens of ‘minuend’ digits are smaller than ‘subtrahend’ take ‘1’ as borrow from tens or hundreds place digits and add ‘10’ in place of ‘1’ in unit and tens units.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, fake currency notes (money) of different values (4 sets), match sticks / stones



  • Tell the story
  • “In the morning I went to the shop and purchased a sweet for Rs. 10 and juice for Rs 12.
  1. How much money did I spend?
  • Give them time to think and ask.
  1. What is the price of the sweet? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 10)
  2. How many sweets did I buy? (Expected answer would be as;one)
  3. What other things did I buy? (Expected answer would be as;juice)
  4. What is the price of the juice? (Expected answer would be as;Rs 12)
  5. How will you find the total; cost? (Expected answer would be as;by adding the numbers)
  • Ask them to add and check their work.



Activity 1

  • Tell the story to the students.
  • “Jasmine has Rs 100 with her. She went to the bazar. She bought a book for Rs 65 and a toy car for Rs 27. How much money did she spend, and how much money is left with her?”
  • Help the students to understand the story and ask following questions.
  1. How much money jasmine has with her? (Expected answer would be as; 100)
  2. Where did she go? (Expected answer would be as; bazaar)
  3. What did she buy? (Expected answer would be as; a book and a toy car)
  4. What is the price of book? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 65)
  • Ask one student to write this on the board.
  1. What is the price of the toy car? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 27)
  2. How will we find the total amount spent? Expected answer would be as; (will add price of book and toy)
  • Ask another student to write Rs 27 under the price of the book on the board.

                  Price of book      =   165 Rs

                 Price of toy car   = + 27 Rs

                  Total amount      =   92   Rs

  •   Ask from the students.
  1. How much money she spent? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 92)
  2. What do we have to find?  (Expected answer would be as; money left)
  3. How will we find it? (Expected answer would be as; will subtract)
  • Ask one student to write on the board.

                                       9     1  0

  •      Total money jasmine has   =      100  Rs
  •      Total money she spent      =        92 Rs
  •   Amount left with Jasmine =             8 Rs
  • Help them to solve with the help of notes by changing Rs ‘100’ note in ‘10’ Rs notes ten Rs note into ten coins of Rs ‘1’.
  • How much amount Jasmine has? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 8)



Activity 2

  • Divide the class in four groups and provide each group a written story.
  • Also provide them match sticks / stones and fake currency notes of different values.
  • “Ali has Rs 90 in his pocket, in break he drank a juice costing Rs 19 and purchased a book costing Rs 59. How much did he spend and how much money does he have left with him”.
  • Ask the students to read and discuss in their groups for understanding the story.
  • Help them in their groups.
  • Ask each group to solve and present their work in front of the class.
Sum up / Conclusion
  • Ask the following questions.
  • Amna bought stickers for Rs 29 and note books for Rs 48. How much amount Amna spent? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 77)
  • Aslam has Rs 50 in his pocket. He purchased a chock bar for Rs 27. How much money is left with him? (Expected answer would be as; Rs 23).
  • Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit / chapter.

Follow up Tasks

  • Ask them to convert following mathematical statement into story and ask them to write story on chart paper and solve them.
  • Spend Rs                     left with
  •     47                               100
  • + 26                                73






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