Number Operation (Multiplication & Division)


Lesson Planning of Number Operation (Multiplication & Division)

Subject Mathematics

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Solve real life problems involving multiplication and division.

Information for Teachers

  • Have the information of multiplication, multiplier and product.
  • Multiplicand: Number to whom we want to multiply
  • Multiplier: with which we multiply the number
  • Product: result of multiplicand and multiplier, e.g. as;
  • For multiplication, multiply unit first then tens
  • Have the understanding for story and change this story into a mathematical statement.
  • For division divide tens first then units
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.


Brain storming activity 1

  • Ask the following questions
  • Nadeem solves ‘5’ sums daily. How many sums will he solve in ‘3’ days?
  • There are 5 fingers in one hand. How many fingers in ‘4’ hands?
  • How many wheels do ‘4’ cars have?
  • There were ‘16’ wheels of bicycle, how many bicycles were there?


Brain storming activity 2

  • Divide the class in four groups
  • Provide each group with 24 stones / match sticks
  • Ask them to arrange in different groups as many you can and write arrangement
  • Check their work




Activity 1

  • Tell the story to the students.
  • “Some friends came to see Ali at his home. Ali`s mother asked him to bring 4 packets of biscuits, if the cost of one packet is Rs 25 then how much did Ali pay to the shopkeeper?”
  • Ask the student to read the story carefully and will ask the following question to convert and solve story into mathematical statement.
  • Who came to see Ali? ( Expected answer would be as; His friends)
  • Where did they come? ( Expected answer would be as; at Ali`s home)
  • How many packets of biscuits did Ali buy? ( Expected answer would be as; 4 packets)
  • What is the price of one packet? ( Expected answer would be as; Rs 25)
  • What we have to find? ( Expected answer would be as; cost of 4 packets)
  • How will you find total cost? ( Expected answer would be as; by  adding ‘25’ four times)
  • Ask one student to solve on the board.
  • Price of one packet = Rs 25
  • Cost of 4 packets = (25+25+25+25=100 Rs)
  • Help the students to convert / solve.
  • 4 packets of Rs 25 or 4 groups of 25 Rs or 4 x 25 Rs
  • He will say we can solve it as;
  • First multiply units or will solve with the help of students (e.g. 4 x 5 – 5 x 4 =20)225    225  
  •                                                             x  4
  •                                                             100


  • Rs 20 = 2 groups of tens
  • Then multiply tens (e.g.  with match sticks makes bundles of ten)
  • Total spent = Rs 100




Activity 2

  • Divide the class in ‘4’ groups
  • Provide each group with a story and ask them to understand and solve with stones making group.
  • “There are ‘40’ students in a class. The teacher wants to perform an activity. he/she asks one of the student (Zara / Ahmad) to arrange them in groups of ‘5’, how many groups will be their”
  • Facilitate them to solve the problem
  • Ask one of the students to present their work on the board, if students are unable to solve you will solve with their help.
  • or
  • The group which finishes the activity first will be the winner.




Sum up / Conclusion
  • Ask what you have learnt from today`s discussion.


  • What you have information of multiplicand, multiplier and product?

Follow up

  • How will you find total sum  of different amount?


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