Lesson Planning of Number Operations


Lesson Planning of Number Operations (Develop the Multiplication Table for ‘9’

Subject Mathematics

Grade III

Students` learning outcomes

  • Develop the Multiplication Table for ‘9’

Information for Teachers

  • Among the one digit table ‘9’ is the greatest number.
  • Multiplication table for ‘9’ can be deduced easily with the help of times table for ‘3’, as;
  • Write time`s table for ‘3’ and make it 3 times / thrice
  • 1 x 3 = 3, make it thrice we will get time tables for ‘9’.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, we can use fingers of hands, match sticks / stones



Brainstorming activity 1

  • Teacher will listen the times table ‘3’ from the children one by one at random.



Brainstorming activity 2

  • Teacher can ask following problems from the students.
  • If there are ‘3’ flowers on each branch, how many flower will be there on?

                              i) 3 branches =

                             ii) 6 branches =

                            iii) 9 branches =





Storytelling, activity method, demonstration


Activity 1

  • Teacher will tell the story to the children.
  • “Once upon a time, there was a king, he announced that the man who will develop times table for ‘9’ with the help of counting only, and he will be the prime minister of my country. Many people tried their best but they could not succeed. At last one man succeeded to complete the task / given by the king and became the prime minister”.
  • Teacher will tell the students you also try……….. you will be the leader of house / class.
  • Provide them little time for thinking, if students are unable to find the solution, teacher will explain.
  • First write the counting 0……..9 from upward to downward and then 0….. 9 downward to upward.
  • The times table for ‘9’ has developed.


Activity 2

  • Time table for ‘9’ with the help of fingers:
  • Give the numbering to your fingers from 1 – 10 from left side as shown.
  • If you want to find 4 times 9 or 4 x 9, bend the 4th finger down as shown in finger.
  • The ‘3’ fingers on left side are showing ‘3’ tens and ‘6’ fingers on right side are showing ‘6’ units.
  • Therefore the fingers are showing number 36.
  • Similarly for 7 times 9 or 7 x 9 bend the sixth finger, on left side ‘6’ fingers are showing ‘6’ tens and right ‘3’ fingers are ‘3’ units, the number will be 63.


Activity 3

  • Now teacher will ask the children to sit in pairs and will ask them to develop the table for ‘9’ with stones / match sticks.
  • One student from each pair will arrange in groups of ‘9’ and other will write in the form of tables.
  • If students feel any problem teacher will guide them.



Sum up / Conclusion

  • Teacher will ask the student, what you have learnt today.
  • The time`s table for ‘9’ is very easy to develop. If we forgot we can develop it easily with help of fingers or time`s table for ‘3’
  • In times table for ‘9’ the sum of digits is always ‘9’.


  • Teacher will create situation and ask the following question, as;
  • “if there are ‘9’ members in “tug of war team”. How many members will be there in?

 i) 4 teams =

ii) 6 teams =

iii) 7 teams =

iv) 9 teams =

  • The teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/ chapter.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to prepare 100 squares board on chart paper and write counting from 1 – 100 horizontally.
  • Then ask them to color those numbers whose sum is ‘9’.  

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