Lesson plan of Paragraph Unity



Subject English

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize each paragraph in a text as a separate meaningful unit of expression.

Information for Teachers

  • Paragraph Unityis the quality of sticking together to one idea from start to finish, with every sentence contributing to the central purpose and main idea of that paragraph.


  • Develop a paragraph around a major idea. Express this idea in the topic sentence. Support the main idea of the paragraph with detailed sentences or supporting details.

Paragraph Unity

  • This plan is a continuation and practice of lesson plan on paragraphs.



Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/ marker, duster, textbook, chart of  a sample paragraph.


  • Write the following sentences on separate slips of paper and paste all slips on the board with scotch tape.

a)      Best of all, she is on my sports team.

b)      We always have fun together.

c)      Let me tell you about my best friend.

d)     I think she is the greatest friend I ever had.

e)      She lives next door to me.

  • Ask the students to number the sentences to make it a good paragraph.
  • So for this, call students one by one to come to the board and change the sequence of the sentences to make a proper paragraph.
  • You can ask like this:

o   What should be the first sentence?(Ask same question for the second, third, etc.)

o   Why do you think it should be the first sentence? (Ask same questions for the second, third, etc.)

  • Tell the students that it is very important for all sentences in a paragraph to be in an order so that it would make sense to the reader.
  • Don`t tell the correct order in the introduction part because it is in the next activity.


Activity 1

  • Make a chart of the following box and display in the class. 



  • Ask the class to check their answers from the chart.
  • Ask some of the students to explain what they understand from the chart.
  • You can give more explanation if needed.
  • Now ask them to write about their own ‘Best Friend’ with the help of the chart (copy work). Encourage them to write at least 5 supporting details.
  • Check all students work.
  • Call the students with good paragraphs to read aloud in front of the class.

Activity 2

  • Write the following sentences on the board. (Don`t write the numbers. These are answers for the teachers)

(5) My family cried with joy when they met me because they saw me after a long time.

(1) I will never forget a day when I had to travel alone on the train.

(2) My cousin was getting married, so I had to go.

(6) After the wedding, I took the train to come back.

(3) She lived in Bahawalpur.

(4) I reached Bahawalpur late at night.

(7) I was tired and fell asleep on the way back home.

(8) It took me five hours to get back home.

  • Ask the students to copy the sentences in their notebooks.
  • Then ask them to Number the sentences from 1—8.

Activity 3

  • Write the paragraph on the board (or display on a chart in class)
  • There is one irrelevant sentence in each paragraph.
  • Ask the students to work in pairs to find that. The answer is highlighted in bold for the teacher.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Discuss with the students:
  • What is a good paragraph?


  • Ask the students to underline the irrelevant sentence in the following paragraph:
  • (note: the irrelevant sentence has been underlined for teacher`s knowledge.)


  • Write a paragraph on
  • ______________________
  • Using the table.(Teacher can give topics from the syllabus or according to the students` interest. the students can also work on the topic they like.)


  • Write a paragraph on
  • ________________________________________________________________


 Using the table. (Teacher can give topics from the syllabus or according to the students` interest.the students can also work on the topic they like.)


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